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Does anyone use Five in a Row?

I have been seriously thinking about homeschooling my rising kindergartener next year and have recently discovered the FIAR curriculum. I am intrigued! Has anyone here used it?
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Re: Does anyone use Five in a Row?

  • This is a FIAR group on a homeschool site

    You can find groups for all different curriculum option, state, and age range on the site.

    GSx1 - 05/13/2013
    GSx2 for T&B - EDD 6/21/2015 - They're having a GIRL
  • I used it with my oldest daughter when she was in 1st grade.  She loved it and still remembers the stories 2 years later.  I tried it with my middle daughter for K, but she didn't like reading the books 5 days in a row.  I'm looking forward to starting my son on it when he is in kindergarten.
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