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Second opinions and IVF TTC mentioned

Hi ladies,

I went to a new therapist yesterday and due to my loss history I explained to her that my RE and our geneticist has recommended IVF with PGD testing for us for going forward. They believe we would be good candidates for that. My therapist felt some hesitation on my part partly I think due to the fact that IVF is new to us and that I am not ready to start trying again. She suggested that perhaps I get a second opinion from another fertility center and perhaps that would help. We have had five losses including losing my daughter. I dont believe my Bump signature has been updated as depressing as that is. She wasn't pushy but did give me some names of some in my area.

Has anyone here gone to a new OB or new fertility center after your loss and was it a good choice or did you feel better in the care of your same doctors who know you and have been there with you on your journey? I love my fertility center and my new doctor who came in after my other RE retired so I do feel like I have sort of had a second opinion already. I don't blame them at all for my losses. Unfortunately our losses are all so different from each other with two documented as chromosomally abnormal in different ways from each other so we are still a medical mystery after tons and tons of testing and nothing coming up that would explain the chromosomal issues.

I guess I don't really want to start all over again with explaining my history and more tests just for them to reach the same outcome but I know of course that it could very well be a possibility.

If anyone has experience switching doctors or getting second opinions that would be very helpful. Thanks as always.

Re: Second opinions and IVF TTC mentioned

  • I'm so sorry for your losses. Please take the time you need in order to feel comfortable moving forward with TTC- there's no rush to jump into a new cycle.

    If you have no known fertility issues, and your husband has a great SA, then I would ask your RE why he wants you to move to IVF. IMO, working with a Dr and clinic you love is really important, and him suggesting a new protocol might be what he thinks is in your best interest based on your diagnosis and past cycle response/outcome. Getting a second opinion doesn't necessarily meant lots of repeat testing. A new RE may want to run some new tests or get more updated results which isn't a bad thing, but it definitely one more thing to struggle through.

    I am on mobile so I can't see your siggy, but have you had a repeat loss bloodwork panel done? If not, I would definitely start there. Testing for blood clotting issues would also be a good idea if you haven't already.

    PGD is the only way to know for sure whether or not the embryos created are genetically normal, so another loss due to chromosomal abnormality could be ruled out. Sometimes chromosome abnormalities present in embryos from "normal" parents and seem to have come out of nowhere, so eliminating that factor would be a benefit.

    If you have done any injectable medications combined with IUI you have an idea of what IVF is like. It's difficult, but you can do it. If you have any questions about the actual procedure I'm happy to answer anything I can.
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  • My guess is, if you and yh don't have a specific dx, then the pgd would be the reason for ivf. If you are comfortable in your clinic, I don't see a reason to move on to another one. However, definitely ask your RE why he is suggesting this specifically. I had many conversations with my RE, and since this has happened, will definitely be having deeper conversations come February. 

    Ivf is a little intimidating at first, but altogether it's not bad. Good luck!
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  • Thanks so much ladies. They have suggested IVF for us exclusively for the PGD option due to our history of chromosomal issues during pregnancies. We have done everything possible that my RE typically recommends for bloodwork and testing and nothing has come up at all except MTHFR and some thyroid issues for me which would have nothing to do with chromosomal issues. We also had a full karotyping testing on both of us. I think we are leaning toward staying with our practice but my meeting yesterday with my therapist made me second guess that decision a bit.
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