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Hip Pain PP? What to do? Sorry long

Hello, I am seeking some advice.  I have  had some what I describe as hip pain since my 5th child was born 16 months ago.  It is on my right side near my outer hip but the pain feels deep if that makes sense. I just thought it was pregnancy related and would go away after birth but it has continued so I finally went in. The dr told me to try PT so I went and he set me up with some exercises.  Didn't really help and it felt as if some of them made it worse so I went back in and the dr ordered a hip xray and MRI which were both negative.  She told me to lose weight and stretch.  I do need to lose weight (210lb, 5-5), I just feel like there really is something else going on and she is blaming my weight and doesn't want to look any further.  I am just seeking some advice as to what I should do.  Get a 2nd opinion?  The pain isn't there all of the time but most days there is some sort of pain.  I notice it mostly when I am getting up from sitting,  going up stairs or getting out of the car.  Seems like just the twisting from getting out of the car causes pain. Has anyone had something like this?  Any advice? 2nd opinion?  Chiro?   Thanks!

Re: Hip Pain PP? What to do? Sorry long

  • Hi, I am a PT and if there is something wrong with the hip joint, people usually describe pain in the groin, not the outer hip. This is a common misconception that outer hip pain is actually coming from the hip, so I'm not surprised the imaging didn't show anything. The lumbar spine can radiate pain into the outer hip. Do you have any problems with your low back? From what you are describing, it sounds like traditional movements, sit to stand, getting out of a car, cause pain which usually means you need more stability. Especially with pregnancy, the hormones cause laxity in your ligaments, so you need to rely more on muscles to stability the lumbopelvic area. I would suggest core work and strengthening the transverse abdominals. I also would definitely get a second opinion and ask them to look at your lumbar spine. You can also try PT again at another location or with another therapist. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.
  • Thanks for you input. I don't really have back pain.  Occasionally it feels like I twisted something and it might hurt for a short time thru my backside like a pulled muscle.  Also occasionally it feels like my leg is going to give out.  Today I was cleaning the floors and when I got up  there is a pulling feeling like something is super tight and stretching but it hurts so bad I can barely walk. Just don't know what to do.


  • You said the pain is deep? Any numbness or tingling? Your leg may have gave out due to muscle weakness which can happen from a pinched nerve. Even if you don't have back pain, it could still be an issue with your spine. Those nerves run to your leg and if pinched can cause pain in your hip, thigh, or anywhere on your leg/foot. I would definitely get a second opinion and ask them to look at your spine.
  • Like pp are saying, it could be refered pain from your back. I had major hip & leg symptoms, got a second opinion which involved x-rays & an MRI of the lower spine. It turned out that I had referred pain due to nerve compression. I'd been compensating in weird ways and had developed hip bursitis as a result. I was 135 at 5'6" and my doc told me not to gain weight & I did 2 months of PT 3 times a week and got 2 epidural shots. I felt my toes again & the pain went away so it was worth it.

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