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UPDATED 31 weeks pregnant, possible celiac

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UPDATE: Antibody blood test is negative. Thank you!

I am a regular on BMB, but I figured this board might be the best place for my question.

My sister was diagnosed with celiac last week. Blood tests were highly suggestive, and biopsy confirmed. Her gastroenterologist recommends all immediate family members be tested due to its genetic tendencies. I have had a number of random symptoms over the years that have been chalked up to chronic fatigue syndrome, but could possibly be related to Celiac, and would like to be tested.

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with my first child. My pregnancy/fetus has been complication free so far (aside from a slew of "common" pregnancy symptoms, I.e. nausea/vomiting, heartburn, etc). I didn't know if I should get the test now or wait? If I test now, would pregnancy have any effect on the accuracy of antibody testing or biopsy? I really would like to be tested before going gluten free. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions.

Re: UPDATED 31 weeks pregnant, possible celiac

  • From a medical standpoint what does the GI doc suggest? Personally unless there was a great need to do it immediately I would wait until after the pregnancy. It sound like you wouldn't have considered it if your sister didn't test positive so it would seem you could wait a couple more months.
  • Also, you have to be eating gluten for the results to be accurate so don't go GF yet.

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  • I don't have a GI doc. My sister's GI doctor recommended all primary relatives get tested since my sister definitely has it. My mom has been gluten free for awhile and is now doing the gluten challenge and all her random symptoms are coming back (once attributed to Lyme and fibromyalgia). I've been struggling with random symptoms for a long time that have gotten better since being treated for Lyme and Chronic Fatigue syndrome but have not really gone away. None are classic Celiac symptoms but could all be attributed to Celiac. I heard that they estimate that most people who have Celiac never get diagnosed because they don't have symptoms or their symptoms are not "classic" Celiac.
  • I have also heard pregnant moms with celiac are at higher risk for miscarriage and low birth weight babies
  • You are passed the miscarriage risk with this one and I'm not sure if avoiding it now would impact your unborn child or not.  That is something to talk to your OB about.

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  • Ask for this blood test: Deamidated-gliadin IgG antibody test. My sister was just diagnosed a few weeks ago and I'm in the same boat as you! But, I've been gluten free and dairy free for well over a year. Best choice ever! I'm currently at 30 wks. I don't see why the results would vary because of the pregnancy, they're looking for one specific thing; gliadin. You're either positive or negative. And this is now enough to diagnose celiac's disease w/o a biopsy!
  • Get the test because in a lot of people pregnancy and giving birth can bring on full on celiac. Then if you have it get scoped after you give birth.
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  • UPDATE: I got the antibody blood test and it says I am definitely negative for celiac (at least now). Thank you to all who responded!
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