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So, for Jake's first birthday I wanted to create and order one of those photobooks from a place online (like Shutterfly). I'd kind of like to create one for every year of his life so it's kind of like a personal yearbook for us and for him if he ever gets curious to look back when he gets older. I was going to wait until after his first birthday party and then upload some pictures to create the album.

Have any of you mommies ever used one of these sites for a photobook? If so, what sites would you recommend? What worked best for you in terms of design options, customer service, and affordability? I'm looking at spending no more than $50 or so, but may go as high as $70 if absolutely necessary, as I'm not sure what the going rate for these are supposed to be.



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  • Shutterfly
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  • Shutterfly..and they have good customer satisfaction guarantees
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  • Shutterfly. I've used them a few times and the books are quality for less than $30 on average. It's especially great if you have a Groupon, too.
  • I have done Shutterfly, Blurb, Snapfish, and one other one that I can't think of. I've done Shutterfly most recently, there is almost always a coupon or promotion for them, so if you haven't joined their site I would do that.  They have options where you can just upload the photos and they put the book together, or you can design it yourself.  Most of the other sites have the same options.  I plan on doing this too :)  I told myself I would stay on top of it and go in and work on it each month but I haven't exactly done that yet...
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  • I used to make my wedding album and it turned out awesome!
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  • I love! I have made 5 or so books with them and they are much better quality than shutterfly.  There are always coupons and you can customize everything. I love how they turn out! I am actually in the process of making one for my grandparents for Christmas. 
  • mypublisher - that's the other one I've used. :)
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    Shutterfly here. I'm doing books every 2 months, though I'm behind...I did a Birth - 2mos which included some pregnancy photos too. While waiting for the next book I did a wedding and honeymoon/babymoon book. Now I gotta get my butt going on the 2-4mos and 4-6mos; in 8 days I'll have the 6-8mos too! aye aye aye Will only do this thru to 1 year, then will probably go every year.

    Anyways, I created the books online as you can save your projects, then waited until Shutterfly had a 50% off photobook sale. Also, once I did my first baby book and ordered a bunch of prints, they sent me some pretty good coupons. My plans are to make up the next bunch of books and wait for the sale.



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  • I used mix book and if you sign up for group-on there are always specials for them and other sites and it is usually a really good deal.
  • Where the heck do you all have the time?
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