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Hi Ladies! My hubby and I decided on name although middle name could have variation. Gianna Isabella (or Isabelle) Guy. We like Gianna for many reasons 1) Italian is my "majority" line (via my dad who just passed this summer) 2) my praternal grandfathers name was Giovanni and Gianna is female version 3) my maternal grandma's middle name is Anna. 4) Gia or Anna can be her nicknames, at home we can call her Gigi (for her initials) because it is sassy like me. It is just the middle name, I wonder what might sound better. Feel free to comment too!

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Re: Middle Name Input

  • I am not a big fan of the /a/ + /a/ sound at the end of Gianna Isabella.  It seems like a little much.  I love Isabelle.  It is my daughter's middle name.

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  • I like Gianna Isabella because of the way that the 3 syllable first name rolls into the 4 syllable middle name. It sounds pretty. I keep repeating it to myself in an Italian accent. :)
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  • I like Gianna Isabella.
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