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Water Birth in Chicago

I am planning for water birth in Chicago and due in Jan 2014.I am with North Western Memorial (NWH) till now.Somehow I dont have confidence if 
they can deal with natural birth with no medication.Shifted to Midwife in NWH and not satisfied much.Always my questions are answered with hurry and one word.It's a baby factory.NWH midwives offer water birth but they dont have seperate rooms and before delivery they will fix tub in the room :(

Visited West suburban hospital in Oak park.Midwives are really good but the birthing place looks old.After touring lot other hopitals like NWH,UIC,Rushmore & Swedish Covenant....Surely the old carpet smells,old equipment makes me to rethink back if I can stick to West Suburban Hospital.If my insurance can pay for any hospital,why should I comprise for lower facilities.

Liked NWH hospital facilities but C section and medical Intervention rates are high here.West Suburban is good but in case water birth opts out for my case then I have to undergo that hospital's old equipment for medical intervention.

UIC,Rushmore,Swedish Covenant dont offer water births.I visited them looking into old reviews but they dont offer any more.Mostly I see old reviews on websites looks like things has changed a lot recently.

Did anyone had water births recently in NWH or West Surban Hospital or any other hospitals.I stay in Chicago downtown.

Re: Water Birth in Chicago

  • I have a friend who had her son at NWH 3 years ago and her daughter there a year ago.  She had water births both times.  She was happy with the experience overall.  She started out with the OBs with her son, but quickly changed to the MWs.  When she asked the OB about how they were when it came to interventions her exact response was, "We like to keep things moving."  She was happier with the MWs.  

    You probably already know this but a tub is not guaranteed, they have two and if they are both in use you are out of luck.  My friend didn't have a problem getting one with her first, but with her second it came almost too late.  When she arrived at the hospital the one tub was being serviced and the other was being used.  She tried laboring in the shower, but said it wasn't really effective.  At the very end the woman using the tub decided to get an epi, so she was able to have another water birth.  

    Their c-section rate is quite high as you already mentioned, plus despite your birth plan the anesthesiologist always comes in to tell you your options for pain relief, which I think is kind of annoying.  

    Overall my friend had great experiences and recommends them to friends.  Another friend of ours will be delivering there in Feb based on her recommendation.

    I had my two at Swedish and thought the MWs and staff there were just wonderful!  A truly hands off approach at least as much as you could get at a hospital.  As you said they do not do water births, but have a tub in each room to labor in with Jacuzzi jets.  
  • I delivered with the midwives at Evanston hospital, which has a tub for labor but not birth. I had an incredible experience and would recommend the MW practice to anyone. I was able to use the tub for a bit and I'm sure the MW who delivered me would have just let me stay there to push (even in spite of "official hospital policy") if I'd wanted but I hated being in there and got out to push.

    Six years of infertility and loss, four IUIs, one IVF and one very awesome little boy born via med-free birth 10.24.13.
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  • I know you said Chicago, but if I had to do it over again, I would go to Hinsdale Hospital and use OMG (ob/midwife/group). I am using West Suburban because at least I will still have a midwife even if I have to use their regular hospital room. I figure if I'm in labor, I probably won't be thinking much about the decorating anyway.
  • I second Hinsdale. I had a home birth, but had to switch from my CNM to an OB to perform a version on my breech baby. The rooms at Hinsdale were GORGEOUS. Each had their own tubs, showers, etc. I can't remember the Dr I saw, but he works with a bunch of CNMs and only steps in during complicated births and CSs. Otherwise, a MW will deliver. PM if you're interested and I can look him up in Dd's baby book...
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  • There is a midwife in Oak Park by the man  of Sara Rosembaum. She is amazing! I'm from Normal and I had her with my daughter and was so sad when she left while I was pregnant with my son. I really don't know the area up near'chicago, but I give Sara a 10 out of 10!!!!!!
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  • Bear in mind that at NWH they might not let you actually give birth in the tub. Last I heard (a few months ago when I was still going there before I switched to West Sub) you could labor in them but not actually birth the baby in them.
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