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Hope im not alone

Anybody pregnant with there Husband leaving for basic training? Im going to be 8 months when he returns and im kinda let down. I would have been 6 months but they delayed him leaving. Im nervous about being here without him. I have a daughter from a previous relationship, and he skipped most of her pregnancy, so i know how it is to be alone, i just didnt want him to miss so  much of the big stuff.  

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Re: Hope im not alone

  • Look on the bright side. He gets to be here for the baby being born. My husband leaves for Cuba for a year two months before our first baby is due and won't be able to take leave. Write him emails and keep him informed of all the good stuff you don't want him to miss. It sucks to be alone but hopefully you have supportive friends and family to keep you busy.


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  • My H was at BOLC until I was about 19 weeks, I really just wanted him to be there for the birth and he was.  He deployed when she was 7 weeks old, that was much harder than him being gone when I was pregnant.  You will be fine and he will get to be there for the birth, that is what matters!
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  • My DH isn't going to basic training but, had been underway since we found out that we were pregnant and won't be back till I'm 7 and half months. 

    Anastasia Mae born Feb 19, 2014 at 10:12AM -Tokyo, Japan time. 
    Me: 22 DH: 25 Married since Oct 6th, 2010
  • Look at it this way, he's not around to say no you can't have this when you have a craving! My husband was like that a lot. He'll be gone for the second half of this pregnancy and won't be back until baby is 4-5 months old.

    Hugs! Letters from basic are the best (my husbands was a little different) but I cherish those letters and the letter from Ranger School.
  • I'm sorry that you are feeling disappointed. Unfortunately, part of being a military family is making peace with the fact that your service member is going to miss things, big and small.

    My DH missed half of my pregnancy, the delivery and the first nine months of our son's life. He also was deployed for eleven months right after we moved to Germany. DH was gone for nearly half of LO's first four years. And, there are many other military families who have experienced even time apart.

    I have found that I can choose to be angry that my DH missed out on so much, or I can accept it as a fact of our life and move on. I choose to accept it and move on because I want to live a life that is as positive as possible. If I held onto the anger and frustration, there would be less room for the good things this life has to offer.

    Good luck and I hope your DH is home with you soon!
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