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Sinus infection MISERY/vitamins not staying down

I have been sick for the past 3 days w/ a sinus infection. I have been treating w/fluids, saline spray, Tylenol, and rest. My doc told me unless I develop a fever, I shouldn't need an antibiotic. I am MISERABLE! Also the past two days I have been vomiting right around lunch time (which is usually when I take my prenatal). I don't know if it's related to my vitamin or maybe just because I'm pregnant, or because I'm sick. 

There is no on call nurse for the weekends at my OB, unless it is an emergency. If I'm not feeling better by Monday I'll definitely be calling.

As far as the prenatal goes, I feel like when I vomit so quickly after taking them that I'm not absorbing anything. Wondering if I should take another or just wait until tomorrow and try again. Ugh. 

Re: Sinus infection MISERY/vitamins not staying down

  • Your doctor really said no antibiotics? That seems a little odd. Fever or not, sinus infections are absolutely miserable! I had one during my first trimester and my doctor quickly gave me antibiotics that are approved for use on pregnant women. And I was back to normal with one 10 day round of the stuff. I don't know what to tell you about the vitamins, have you tried a different brand by chance? How long have they been making you throw up (if it is the vitamins)? There was a brand I tried taking when I was first pregnant that made me throw up every time I took one. I switched brands and never have had a problem since. GL and I hope you get to feeling better soon!
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  • Thank you!
    Yes, they told me unless I had a fever I could get by without them. I wish I would have just gotten some anyway now (too late!). I have been taking the same prenatal for most of my pregnancy. I'm not sure what's going on with that. Maybe I'll go back to taking them before bed like I did in my 1st trimester.

    As long as baby is ok I won't worry as much. From what I have been told and from what I have read she should be pretty well protected in there. :)

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  • Chances are it is being sick that it making your throw up your PNV.  I would recommend just stop taking them until you get over this sinus infection.  So long as you are eating well you should be fine. There were many times I forgot to take my PNV with DS and he is a happy, smart, healthy 3 year old now. 
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  • I wonder why they didn't give me antibiotics in the first place? Ugh.

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