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Dr vs midwives

I am a ftm and am aiming for a natural birth in a hospital. At my dr. office they have both dr and midwives. I have been lucky enough to meet all of the drs a few times and try are all great, I feel comfortable with them and they know my hopes for labor and delivery. The midwives only work at the hospital so I would not be able to meet them until I am in labor, which makes me nervous because I would really like to meet whomever before the big day! I know a midwife will be less inclined to suggest pain meds and other non necessary medical interventions.
Any tips or suggestions... dr or midwife???

Re: Dr vs midwives

  • That would bother me as well.  I guess I'm a little confused, so when you get to the hospital you request either a doc or MW?  The doc you would know and the MW you wouldn't?  

    If that is the case and you are sure your OBs are in line with what your goals are then I see no reason to ask for a MW the day of.  I guess the only exception in my mind would be in a situation where perhaps you knew the MW would stay with you most of the time, supporting you and the doctor would be in and out.  Then it might make sense.  

    I would just be careful about assuming that the MW will be more in line with what you are looking for.  There are definitely MWs out there who are much more inclined to push interventions.   
  • I think it all depends on the OB and the MW.  Some of each are great and some not so much.  You have to make sure your provider supports your decisions and your wishes. I had an OB.  IMO I just wanted someone to catch my baby and stitch me up.  I went to a big practice (8 OBs) and never even met the on call OB before I was in labor.  The practice as a whole was great and very natural birth friendly so the on call OB respected all of my wishes.  He even sat on the bed while I was pushing in the side to massage my perineum and used warm compresses.
    Like the PP I find it odd that you do not get to met the MWs until you are in labor. At many practices the MW will rotate through patients and see them at their prenatal appointments.

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  • I know it's a strange situation. Still not sure what we are going to do. Thanks for your input and advice!!
  • As a rule, OBs generally see birth as a sickness or a disease with complications until proven otherwise. It's how they are trained, to expect the complications before they happen. Midwives see birth as normal until proven otherwise. Now there are plenty of exceptions. I know tons of OBs that are willing to deliver a baby when mom wants a water birth. I know of some midwives who are more medically inclined, but none that would "push" for a mom to have drugs of any kind. 
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