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i keep reading...

I keep reading about many women getting d&c.....  is that a last resort? My Dr told me that can leave scar tissue and make it difficult to get pregnant later on.  anyone else know if there is  any truth to this??

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  • There is, but usually only after multiple D&Cs. My doctor said that usually less than 3 is fine (not that I can imagine having 3!) as long as you're in capable experienced hands. This isn't a procedure you'd want to cut corners on or have a newbie perform. Do your research on your doctor beforehand. 
  • There is always a risk with any surgery you have performed. 

    Yes, there is a risk with the d&c of getting scar tissue.  There is also a chance of numerous other things happening -- perforation of the uterus, etc.  It is about weighing your options on what you think it best for you and your body. 

    Like PP said, make sure to do your research and make sure the person preforming the surgery is experienced at doing it.  I could have had my d&c 4 days sooner than I did if I was willing to have an other OB in the practice do the surgery.  Although they are qualified, I just felt so much more comfortable waiting to have my OB do my d&c so I waited 4 days until it was her day of rotation at the hospital. 
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  • There are risks associated with whichever way you chose to go in this situation... for me, the d&c was a first choice... And I'm so glad I chose to go that direction physically and mentally. Is be happy to answer any questions you have or if you search through a few threads there are some very helpful ladies that have written about each different experience with mc.

    Also, I'm so sorry for your loss

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  • My doctor was very pushy for a D&C, so I reluctantly scheduled one and ended up starting to naturally miscarry a few hours before. I took this as a sign to see if my body could handle things on it's own but as other posters have said there are also risks with doing it naturally. After passing the initial tissue, bleeding slowed, and I hoped things would be over. 3 days later I started bleeding very heavily and ended up in the ER last night worried. U/S showed tissue/clots and again my doctor wanted to admit me for a D&C - thankfully within an hour I passed a huge amount of retained tissue and hadn't lost too much blood. The bleeding is almost non-existent now and my fingers are crossed that was the end of it. Physically and mentally painful to go through it but I'm glad nothing worse happened. I am happy to avoid the D&C although I was ready for it if need be. Just know the risks of all options and decide what you feel is best for you. Sorry about your loss. 

  • I'm sorry for your loss! I agree with the other ladies - there are risks to both d&cs and to natural miscarriages. You should talk to your doc about your fears, wishes, etc. For some of us, it was not optional. I had too much blood in my uterus and they did a d&c like 2 hours after I went to the ER. Best of luck!
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