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play dates?

do any of you ladies have regular play dates? I don't have any friends with kids the same age as Cami but I do have two friends who each have three almost four year old daughters and one of the girls also has a two year old boy and they all seem to have a good time.

I just feel bad my monkey doesn't have any baby friends :( what about every one else's lo's?

Re: play dates?

  • Right after DS was born I joined a new mama group which met for 6 weeks at a parenting center, our babies were all born a few weeks apart. Now we all stay in touch and try to meet monthly. I always look forward to our meetings, the kids don't play much yet so it's really for us moms right now. We also have friends with older kids who we see 1-2 times a month, again more for the parents but the kids are starting to play with each other more.
  • The playgroup I go to also has mostly toddlers/preschoolers and no babies for DS to play with, but he doesn't mind. He follows them all around and has a blast being fawned over by the other moms. :-)
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  • My best friend has a baby 3 weeks younger than my DD. They are both girls, so they play great together :) Other than that, LO has her two older cousins, age 3 and 6. My LO is 7 months, almost 8 months old. 

    I also see all the babies/parents that we did our "birthing class" with. We stay in touch.

    I have thought about trying to find more people with babies DD age, because not only does she love the social interaction, but I love having that mommy chat time. 

    I don't have a lot of friends with kids, because I am 24, so many of my friends are childless and single. 
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  • I have a group of friends all with kids, they are varied in ages but we get together frequently for playgroups.  

    I also just signed up for our local Parents as Teachers program which has playgroups and activities.  I was actually thinking about this same thing and that motivated me to sign up for PAT, as I feel like she doesn't socialize with other kids all that often.  I work, so can't do weekday playgroups or activities, I wish I could. 
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  • I met a mom through my midwife and her DD is two months younger. We mostly take walls but son there will be play dates. For now my DD and her just sort of babble at each other and touch each other and then go back to polite indifference!

    My SILs both have DDs and one lives in town. Hers is 9 months older and they play ok together when we see her.
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  • I met a mom at BuyBuyBaby who has a son 2 months older than my DS.  We get together 1-2 times per month.  I also met a few moms through a new mother group at the hospital. 

    I've heard other mothers talk about finding groups on  You might want to try that out.

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  • I forgot to mention that we go to the library once a week for "babies and books" where Dd can play with other babies afterwards and there is lots if singing and dancing as well as stories.

    Our group isn't meeting after next week until January but there is a puppet show storytime that goes year round that we sometimes go to as well. We'll be doing that solely until babies and books starts up again even tho the puppet show is mostly preschoolers. There's usually other babies there too and I'm sure other moms are doing like I am but the babies and books is more interactive.

    They also have a play area in the middle of the children's section of the library. She get some interaction there.

    Lately we've been going to the humane association and the toy store just to get out of the house and do something fun. There are often kids at both places to interact with, maybe not her age but still.

    I'm looking for more places to take her. Our apartment and the park up the street are getting kind of boring (not for her but for me)
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