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Unexpected Loss at 8 Weeks :(

I went for my weekly appointment yesterday to my OB, in hoping that my hormone levels have doubled. I'm 7 weeks going on 8, and since my last appointment there hasn't been any change in my hormone levels, and still no fetal matter, or heartbeat...just the embryonic sac, which was the same size. I was hoping to hear good news that I'm just too early to tell, but my levels rose only by 1000, and they would have liked to see it 60% higher. I took another blood test, which will determine if my levels are decreasing, which is what they predict. At almost 8 weeks there should be fetal development and possibly a heartbeat, but it never developed. :( Overwhelmed by this unexpected news, I was told in 2 weeks I should pass it though like a heavy period. And if I don't pass it naturally, then I have to call to have an appointment for it to be removed. ( I had an abortion several years ago when I was 19, and I wasn't ready for a baby...now I'm 31 and this seems similar, to an abortion, and I really didn't want to go through this ever again). Also, I have an ovarian cyst and two fibroids which seems to be getting larger, and I might have to have those removed as well, once I'm cleaned out and healed. I'm devastated because my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant after a few months, and we were ecstatic when we found out we were finally pregnant. Also finding out that my sister in law, and my sister were also pregnant around the same time, we were all going to share this beautiful experience and wonderful journey together. I was looking forward to sharing this wonderful experience with both of them, and my family, and right before the holidays which is usually such a happy time for me. I literally just found all this out yesterday, and I feel like I got hit with a ton of bricks. I'm trying to be positive, and hoping once I'm healed from both of these procedures, it will only be a few short months, before we can begin trying to get pregnant again. I really hope we can try again and won't take long to conceive, and I don't want to go through another loss again... Since finding this sad and unexpected news, I found out this is more common in other women than I had thought. Trying to keep my head up, I'm happy that I at least got pregnant after trying, which i hope I will again.. I hear so many stories from friends and family whom had a miscarriage or two, before they finally had a stable and successful pregnancy. This has been an emotional two weeks for me, and now feels like devastating loss...although there wasn't fetal matter developed, I still feel like I lost my child. I got so used to being pregnant and having this soon to be baby growing inside, when I fact there wasn't even a baby in there, just the sac. How does someone move on from this, and what am I to expect from the procedures I will have to deal with? :( -Alicia

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  • I'm so sorry for your loss. Our stories sound very similar. I had to take medication two days ago to force my body to miscarry and it was so tough, physically and mentally. The only way I am able to be ok with all of this is to remind myself that this is all one more step to our beautiful healthy rainbow baby. I learned its ok to be sad and cry. I was the same as you in thinking a healthy baby was growing, only to find at my U/S that baby stopped growing weeks ago. It's so hard. But in a way, it was a relief to know that the baby stopped growing because something was wrong. I'm here to talk if you want to pm me. It's so hard to go through a miscarriage, but don't lose sight on the light at the end of the tunnel

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  • i am so sorry for your loss. i lost my baby at the same time pregnancy wise as you. i also had just a sac. i ended up passing everything naturally around a week after the ultrasound and levels began to drop significantly after the bleeding began. it is painful to pass naturally but I'm glad i did it since surgery scared me. as far as the emotional side it will not be easy especially around the holidays. i recommend crying and talking to whoever will listen and if you need space from the pregnant women let them know and dont feel guilty for it. while you are waiting for AF some alcohol may be an occasional remedy, too. and of course, we are here for you as well. this board has been an incredible source of support for me. i hope we can do some good for you too

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  • Thank you both, its been very difficult for both myself and my husband. He's been glowing this entire time, so excited to be a daddy, and I'm hurting because I feel his loss too. And I know he's hurting for me. It's hard to discuss with others who have not been through this experience, but I'm really grateful for this message board, and I'm happy I can be open, and share my experience with all of you, with eachother. To be honest, I'm scared of what happens next, not knowing what to expect when I'm suppose to pass this through me within the next two weeks. I kind of don't want to wait and see, and rather just get the D&C and get it over with. After that I have to see if I'm a candidate for a micro surgery to have my cyst and fibroids removed, which Incan only have done until I'm healed from the D&C. It's going to be a long few weeks, and not a fun one. I just can't wait until this is all over. I know I'm going to be anxious to start trying again once the time is right, hopefully sooner, rather than later, within a few months, but I'm terrified of going through this ordeal a second time.
  •  I'm sorry for your loss.

     It sounds like you have put together a good plan for moving forward, in regards to getting the cysts and fibroids removed. I have found that having a plan makes me feel better, even though the current situation still stinks. At least it is something to focus on. Good luck with everything.
  • I'm sorry for your loss.  I wish you the utmost success going forward.

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  • I am in the same situation with the pregnant SILs. DH comes from a family of four boys and all of their wives were going to have their babies within six months of each other. It was this big thing about the cousin quads and how adorable it will be, blah blah blah. I thought it'd be so awkward talking to any of them now that I'm not part of their 'pregnancy crew', but it hasn't been as bad as I thought. And really, now that I'm almost a week out, I don't feel like dying, anymore. I hate myself for finding peaceful moments through the day, but I'm forcing myself to accept and appreciate them (it's the season of thanks after all, isn't it?) so that when we can start TTC again, I'm ready to do so. Also, I am finishing up a natural MC right now, so if you want to talk, I'm available! PM me at any time. I'm a total insomniac since the MC and am available all the time. :) 

  • I'm so sorry. I am going through the same thing.  I found out yesterday. (Even with the abortion, I had 1 over 10 years ago.  I'm 31 too.)  And you're right about the holidays.  It's a joyous time and then this happens.  It's natural for us to grieve but I believe that time and having faith that good things are coming are way will help us through this.  Also when my body is back to normal I'm going to concentrate on getting it baby ready.  This is a terrible thing that happened but we can pull through it.  Stay hopeful sweetie!
  • I am so sorry for your loss.  

    It's been almost 2 months since I experienced our loss, and although it may not seem comforting -- it does get better each and every day both physically, but more importantly mentally.  I am so ready and excited for us to try again.  I've been using the time since my d&c until we can start to try again to get my body back into shape and make it as baby friendly as I can.

    For now just make sure you take care of yourself, cry when you feel the need and know it will get better! **Hugs**
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