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Shit DH says...

Haven't seen one of these in a while, but I had to share:

I have a biter, and he had torn up my right nipple. Luckily, it has healed and we are doing better. Still painful when he clamps down, but I digress. The LCs gave me some magic nipple cream that was $67. Insurance wouldn't cover it, because it was a compound. Whatever.

So, as we discussed the cost of said cream, DH says "you can use that utter cream, too. You know, they use it on cow utters." Me: "seriously?! I'm not a cow!"
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Re: Shit DH says...

  • On our first trip to the pediatrician I told DH we needed to leave in ten minutes.  He said "I can be ready in five."  Ummm, great.  But we also need to get our twin boys in the double stoller and get the diaper bag together.  It's not just you that you need to worry about anymore.
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  • DH was looking at my chart today and said "How's your weight? Ooh, up a couple of pounds." with a disappointed look. SERIOUSLY??
  • My DH hasn't given me much to complain about but for the last two weeks, every morning, I mean EVERY morning, he asks me, "Are you going to have the baby today?". Uhhhhhh. I DON'T KNOW!!! Then he sends me texts all day long, "any baby yet?" I feel like filing a harassment complaint, but then I think how I would feel if he acted uninterested, and I guess this is less annoying.
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  • With my DS, I labored for 26 hours and then had a C-section and had to wait to pass gas before I could eat.  It was a good 32 hours of combined labor/C-section recovery before I could eat again.  When I got the OK, DH and I ordered food and when it arrived, I was in the bathroom.  DH took the entire tray and put it on his lap and kept saying "Wow, this is so good, must be because I'm STARVING!" and just kept eating like an animal that hadn't seen food in days.  I got back into the bed and just stared at him, waiting for him to hand me the tray with my food.  He then said, "God, I'm so hungry, can I have half of your sandwich and maybe some of your fries?" I had to remind him that I, too, was starving, especially as I watched him eat several meals while I was in labor. 
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