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Due Tuesday and nothing yet!

Im due on Tuesday, and every time I go to the doctors they say that I am still not dilated.  I have been getting really bad cramps for like 3 days now but there is nothing consistent in time intervals.  I think I may be having contractions but I don't know what they should feel like since this is my first.  Can any one help me on what I should do to determine if I am having real contractions or just bad cramping.

Re: Due Tuesday and nothing yet!

  •  Can any one help me on what I should do to determine if I am having real contractions or just bad cramping.
    I would consult your doctor.

    FWIW, when I told my doctor a few weeks ago that it felt like someone was stabbing me in the cervix he confirmed that it was a contraction and told me it often feels like taking a knife in the vag.
  • I would consult your doctor but I know I've been having period like cramping and my doctor wasn't concerned.  I'm 38w6d.  From what I've read via google it can be change happening, but my last appt. I was closed up like Fort Knox.

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  • Im due today. I have tons of cramping and have had it since 38 weeks. So not sure if it means impending labour.
  • Glad to see Im not alone! Good Luck ladies! 
  • Same here- due tomorrow and at my appt today dr said no changes at all even though been experiencing cramping off and on. Its frustrating but they cant stay in there forever :)
  • I'm due tomorrow aswell had contractions for over 1week but never seem to come to anything
  • I'm being induced now... Edd was 11/6 and I am still closed up. They just put a foley bulb in and we start pitocin in a few hours. I'm a FTM, but really discouraged that this didn't happen on its own. I had really bad cramps that I thought were contractions but nothing. Keep your chin up and ask lots of questions. I'm pretty shy at my appointments but I think I could have been a lot more informed if I had just asked questions instead of assuming I was having contractions.
  • I'm not due until the 30th but I've been having BH cx for the last week. They get more and more painful and I feel it in my hips and also crampy but nothing timeable yet.
  • It's so hard waiting, isn't it?? :) I thought I wouldn't know the difference between real contractions and the crazy BHs I had, but real labor contractions really do feel different! They're very distinct. To me, they felt deeper in my pelvis than BH and even in early labor, they were more intense than normal period cramps, more pinchy and less dull and achy like normal period cramps. In fact, they didn't feel like any period I have ever had! :) They started off for me at 20-30 minutes apart and I didn't think much of them until about six hours in, when they were more noticeable, more intense and closer together. I know everyone has a unique experience, but my guess is that you will know when it's time. It really is a unique feeling! Best of luck new mama!!
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