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Hypospadias - baby TMI

It's where the urinary hole is somewhere other than where it should be. If you want to google it, shield the young one's eyes. I warned you.

So our little nugget had surgery to correct this last Friday. It was a 4-part procedure (hypospadias, circumcision, skin graft - used foreskin to patch the incorrect hole, and cordee - crooked penis). In our case, there were TWO holes about halfway down the shaft. It was an outpatient surgery, lasted about 2 hours with a 1 hour recovery. LO took it like a champ. Today we go get the catheter out that's been in for a week. We've had to double diaper and it hasn't been easy by any means.

Didn't know if any of you have dealt with this. Apparently it's hereditary, but not likely in siblings. We were first told it wasn't, but DH had it when he was little. I guess it's comforting to know that "daddy's looks like mine" and we can answer questions later.

Re: Hypospadias - baby TMI

  • I don't have an personal experience with this, but I'm sorry your poop ds is going through it!

    Sounds like he's a little trooper though :)

  • wow, I had never heard of this, but that sounds like a lot for your little guy to have gone through already!  Glad to hear he is taking it in stride! :)
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  • The blessing is he probably won't remember a bit of this as he gets older. So glad to hear he (and you!) made it through!

  • Lurking, but my son also had to have surgery to correct this at 6 months old. It was a very smooth procedure and he hardly ever seemed uncomfortable. The hardest part was keeping him away from the bouncer, which he loved. He is doing great today and I don't even think it looks like he had any surgery.

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