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Update-discharged (long)

Thanks for all of your kind words- I really appreciated them! We talked to two people from the NICU last night which is typical if there is a chance you will deliver early. I know I needed to hear all of the information about what to expect but it was very scary and overwhelming. I was/am trying really hard to be positive but I just broke down in tears and all I could think was "it's not fair!" It took us all so long to get here can't we just have relatively smooth pregnancies? DH was great and supportive and then we spent a couple hours watching tv to take our mind off of everything. I had a good few hours where I had no contractions at all (had been having 1-3 an hour) then unfortunately they picked up again and I had a few pretty close together so they put me on all the monitors again. We started to see a pattern that if I needed to pee I was having contractions and they would often stop or slow after I went. This morning they ran a urine test (guess they ran something right at admission so either they did it again or did something else) and think I may have a bladder infection though they need a few more days for all the tests to come back. In the meantime they are going to start me on antibiotics. I hope that stops things! 

So I am home and will start antibiotics tonight. No work this weeks and will follow up with my OB to make a more long term plan (bed rest, follow ups, ect). I hope to keep this baby cooking as long as possible! Thanks for all your thoughts!
Me:30 low AMH; DH:30 MFI (count, motility, morphology)
2 rounds clomid 100 mg -BFN
IUI#1- 25 mg clomid- July 2012= BFN!
IUI #2 August = BFN!
IUI #3 September = BFN!

IVF #1 November - converted to IUI #4 due to poor response = BFN
IVF #1.2 February- converted to IUI #5 due to poor response = BFN
IVF #1.3 April- micro dose Lupron flare with HGH; 14R, 13M, 11F! Transfer of 1 day 5 blast on 4/30, 4 frosties. BFP! Beta #1 9dp5dt= 179; Beta #2 11dp5dt= 442; Beta #3 4106 Stick baby stick!!

*trying to keep hope*

Re: Update-discharged (long)

  • Whew! Hang in there! You are doing all the right things!!
    | Married since 2008 | DH and I: Both 30 | Me: Endometriosis and Carrier of an X-Linked Dominant Genetic Disorder | DH: Low Morph | Planning IVF with PGD and PGS in 2013 | Freeze-All IVF #1: March 2013 ER 3/26. 29R, 12M, 11F. 4 5AA frozen blasts. Freeze-All IVF#2: May 2013 ER 5/15. 31R, 21M, 20F. 6 5AA frozen blasts. Our PGD probe was completed in late June (total of 20 weeks to develop). PGD and PGS Results came on 6/19: 3 healthy embryos (normal chromosomes and unaffected by my family's genetic disorder). FET #1: July 2013 Natural Cycle - Cancelled due to insufficient lining (only got to 7.5mm). FET #1.2: August 2013 - Medicated Cycle with Lupron & Estrogen Patches to build up lining. Single embryo transfer was 8/23. Beta #1: 240! Beta #2: 578! U/S on 9/19 at 6w4d: We saw the heart beating at 131bpm. Second U/S on 10/4 at 8w5d: We saw the heart beating at 178bpm. EDD 5/11/2014
    PAIF/SAIF/Everyone Welcome! 

  • Glad you are going home! Hope the antibiotics help and LO gets cozy in there for a while longer!
    TTC since June 2011
    DX: DH (30) severe MFI, severely low count & low motility
    Me (32): all clear
    Appt with Urologist 5/21/12: exam, ultrasound, bloodwork all normal.
    Testicular Biopsy with TESE on 6/8/12. good sperm found! (left side only) froze sperm, failed thaw test :(
    Orientation for IVF/ICSI on 6/13/12. Waiting for the green light following biopsy results...results show adequate sperm production both sides.
    2nd SA 6/18/12: sample is "adequate for ICSI"
    Plan: IVF/ICSI July 2012!
    ER: 7/26/12. 15 eggs retrieved, all mature.
    TESE/TESA/aspiration from epididymis, no motile sperm found :(
    froze all eggs, the saga of praying for good sperm continues.
    8/3/12: 2nd opinion from MFI uro on biopsy slides. Suspects "partial late maturation arrest."
    Plan: more SAs, third biopsy/TESE with frozen back-up either from DH or DS.
    SA 8/17/12: Zero sperm
    SA 8/23/12: Zero sperm
    9/26/12: SPERM FOUND! 15 eggs thawed, 12 survived and were ICSI'd, only 3 fertilized normally. Refrozen as embies and will thaw in Nov. Please survive and grow!
    All 3 survived the thaw on 11/15/12!
    FET 11/17/12: transferred 2, one 4B, one 4C. Beta 11/30:BFFN
    moving on to DS
    DIUI#1 2/18/13,50mg Clomid cd 3-7, Ovidrel trigger, Beta 3/4/13: BFN.
    DIUI#2 3/19/13, 50 mg Clomid cd 3-7, Ovidrel trigger, Beta #1 (14dpiui) 4/2/13: BFP!!!! 150. Beta #2 4/4/13: 420 Beta #3 4/8/13: 2691. Beta #4 4/15/13: 15,086
    1st u/s 4/8/13 shows one gestational sac
    2nd u/s 4/15/13 shows yolk sac, fetal pole and early heartbeat
    3rd u/s 4/25/13: measuring right on track. Heart rate 148 bpm
    A/S 7/22/13: IT'S A BOY!!
    PAIF/SAIF Always Welcome
    [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/2qmon5u.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd243/laurakat24/turkeybaster-1.jpg"[/IMG]Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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  • Glad you're home! It's not fair at all. Try to keep upbeat for your own sense of self. You're a great mama and I'm praying the baby stays in nice and long! Get comfy little one!

  • Oh I can't imagine how stressful! Praying that your baby doesn't need the NICU, but even if you do you'll be in great hands. Stay strong. Stay in their little one! Sending you a big hug. Hopefully the antibiotics do the trick.  
    DX: Ovulatory Disorder/ Anovulation (possible PCOS)
    DD (2 yrs) conceived 2nd IUI w/ Gonal F

    TTC#2: IUI #1 and 2: BFN; IUI #3 CP; IUI #4 BFN; IUI #5 CP 
    Sept/Oct 2013 IVF#1: Antagonist: 27 R, 27 M, 22 F (7 frozen)
    5dt of one AA blast
    Beta #1: 12dp5dt: 1,093 Beta #2: 14dp5dt: 2,497
    Due date: 6/22/14 :)
    It's a Boy!

    **Everyone welcome**


  • Sending T&P'S your way!!! Hope you can keep baking that baby!
    Me: 29 DH: 32 Married: 10.25.07 Been dealing with amenorrheoa since I was young. (Literally go years w/o AF) Unexpected and very surprising BFP in Feb 2007. M/C April 2007. :( TTC since 2008 Metformin- Didn't help. :( Clomid 50mg/Provera cycle #1 7/2009 - BFN Clomid 50mg/Provera cycle #2- 8/2009- BFN Clomid 100mg/Provera cycle #3- 1/2010- BFN ...Took a break... 2012- Met with RE 09/12- Day 3 Labs- FSH 2.5, Estradiol 47, TSH 4.5 (Doc re-ordering Day 3 labs) DH sperm analysis- all good 11/12- Day 3 Labs- FSH 4.3, estradiol 38, TSH 2.51 Prescribed Synthroid 11/12- HSG all clear 1/13- IUI with Femara and trigger shot on 1/31- BFN 2/13-IUI #2- cancelled due to low response 3/13- planning IUI with injectables
  • Hopefully the antibiotics help. Keep on cooking baby!!!
    Me: 33, Endocrine issues & FVL       DH: 32, Nothing 
    NTNP 2009-2012         TTC since 2012:
    • Clomid, 2 IUI cycles, and 5 IVF cycles = BFN
    • FET #1   August 2013 = BFP!     EDD 5/11/14
    • Jack dx at 19w1d with Dandy Walker on 12/16/13
    • Severe Pre-e /HELLP set in Jack born sleeping at 20w1d on 12/23/13
    • FET #2 --July 2014  BFP!  ---  EDD  4/5/15

    Jack has handpicked his sibling up there :)

    My blog about IF and loss ... Kate's IF Blog

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  • Glad you're back at home. T & P's for baby to stay put!
    Me: 33 DH: 36 Unexplained IF
    First pregnancy - DS 01-Apr-09;
    3rd cycle Clomid/IUI after 2 years TTC
    TTC #2 since ~June 2010
    IUI #1 & 2 - Clomid/IUI - BFN
    IUI #3 &4 - Gonal-F/Ovidrel and IUI -- BFN
    IUI #5 - Gonal-F/Ovidrel and IUI -- BFP!!
    EDD: March 22, 2013
    It's triplets!!

  • Glad you are out of the hospital. I have all my fingers crossed that LO stays put and keeps on cooking!


    IF, 5 losses, 1 son, 1 on the way.
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  • Glad you are doing better and best of luck! 
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  • So glad you are home. Rest up and take care of yourself! I hope you are feeling better soon and that your LO stays put until it's the right time to make a grand entrance!
    *** Trigger Warnings ***

    TTC #1 since March 2011
    Dx = Unexplained IF
    1 medicated TI cycle & 4 clomid IUIs = all BFNs
    June 2013 IVF #1 = 6 frosties + BFP!
    DS1 born 2/14

    TTC #2 since December 2014
    May 2015 unassisted BFP ended in m/c at 7wks
    April 2016 FET #1 = BFN
    June 2016 FET #2 = c/p
    August 2016 FET #3 = BFP!
    DS2 born 4/17
  • Gl. Hope LO hangs in there for a while.
    TTC Since 112010 Naturally. Diagnose:PCOS(ME) + Low Motility(HIM). Started IVF+ICSI Cycle 12312. ER 27 & ET 210 two embies transferred. *BFN 1ST IVF CYCLE.* **Getting as healthy as possible and will try IVFICSI#2 again hopefully in April.** -- HAVE FAITH; LET GO & LET GOD --
  • Hope things work out well. Hang in there.


  • Hang in there mama. Scary stuff. Get some rest.
  • keep up the good work! every day counts that you keep the little one cooking!!
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