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Share hypnobirthing stories please :-)

Or links to them. I'm only on mobile so I can't search. I go to my first class Tuesday and my husband is not really on board. He's a very skeptical person so I'm hoping that if I can get some stories from you ladies that would be great. This is our first so he knows nothing more than epidurals and c-sections. I have so much hope for the success of hypnobirthing but I have a feeling that if he's not with me then it don't be as beneficial. Thanks so much ladies!!
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Re: Share hypnobirthing stories please :-)

  • I had a Hypnobirth in April! Link to my birth story here:

    Hope that helps!
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  • I'm planning a Hypnobirth - so hopefully all will go well (I'm confident it will) and I can post to this thread in a few weeks! Good luck to you! Hopefully your husband will jump on board.

    If it makes a difference, I find that I'm able to put myself into a deeper relaxation when I'm practicing alone. It's more difficult for me to let go when my husband is reading me a script, etc. So - this is still something you can do without his 100% commitment. Once he sees you laboring like a rock star I'm sure he'll change his mind anyway. ;)
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  • Thanks ladies!!

    @MrsP7309 That's awesome!! I appreciate you sharing the link!

    @F47 I was thinking the same thing about him reading to me anyway. I think I would be too distracted. Looking forward to reading your birth story!

    I've been listening to the rainbow relaxation but falling asleep 10 minutes in. Haha! I'm new at it but looking forward to this journey. My first class went really well and I'm hoping to get it together mostly on my own. I've got 23ish weeks to figure it out!
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