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Finally told my mom!

She was of corse a little disappointed but to my surprise very supportive ! It's true your moms never fail to surprise you! Today she asked me if she had to be called "Grandma" and I thought it was the funniest thing. So ladies any suggestions that my mom may like to be called other then grandma?

Re: Finally told my mom!

  • Mamaw... Mimi.. Nana.. There are a lot!
  • Haha I love Mima but my mom is being so picky right now! I know I still have a lot of time though
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  • Do you have any specific heritage you could use to call her grandma? For example Hispanics are Abuela/Abuelo.
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  • My aunt wasn't ready to be a grandma so her grands call her "honey"
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  • We are Italian and German but she doesn't like oma or nonna either she's being difficult lol :-w
  • Honey is supper cute ! ;;)
  • So glad that went well!  I remember you were nervous!  I was also worried to tell my mom and wasn't sure if I should wait, but I'm really glad I told her a few days ago.  She was happy and I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders!

    My mom goes by "Grammie."  :)  
  • Yes it was deff a big relief to tell my mom ! She'll find something she likes soon I hope
  • Lol none of ours wanted to be called grandma either. We have Mimi, Nay Nay (her name is Renee), Granny, Grandie, and just Nana Marla (lol)
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  • What a relief! Glad it went well. What does SHE think she should be called? that could be her little thing to do to prepare for it all:)

  • Well with my DD we tried to get her to call my mother Grammy, but she wouldn't even attempt it.  Then one day she decided she was Ria.  As in Ree-ah.  We have no idea where she got it from.  But it stuck!  So maybe your child will decide on a name by themself!
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  • Good thinking maybe he/she will!
  • I couldn't say grandma or grandpa when I was little it came out like Nanaw and Dantaw apparently haha and those stuck for my grandparents on my moms side. To this day I still call them Nanaw and Dantaw.
  • Amia is another word for grandma I believe. My daughter calls both grandmas "ga ga" and they like it. I also know of a grandma called ammie. That's just what her grandchild chose. I kinda like letting the child choose because then it can sometimes be a special name that no one else has.
  • DH's mom is on the younger side, and looks even younger than she is. She goes by G-G which stands for Gorgeous Grandma.
  • All these names are so cute!
  • We started with Mimi for my mom but it ended up Gigi.  She likes it because that is what she called her grandma.  My dad is Poppi.  DH's dad is Grandpa and his step-mom (his momma died when he was 13) is Grandma (although he hardly lets me call her that because of her saying she couldn't wait to have a granddaughter when they came to meet DS).  I call my mom's parents Nanny and Paw-Paw.  My dad's parents were grandma and grandpa.  Nothing too creative but our daughter called them those names and it has stuck.  My two are the only grandkids on my side.   

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  • Glad that went better than expected for you. We have nana and nanny. Nana wanted to be called grandmother(which I think is hilarious) but when my niece started talking she just said nana and it stuck b
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  • My mom goes by gammie
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  • My 2 year old calls my mom nanè
  • my mom insists that she is going to be called "grand maw maw" >_< lol

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  • I'm glad it went well! My mom goes by Memaw, but it may be turning into Uma because that's how DD keeps pronouncing it :)

  • My mom is called Grammie, but DS calls her "Gammie".
    We call my grandma Gigi.
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  • My niece calls my mom "Meem."

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