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DS (9.5 mos) has been a sound sleeper since we brought him home from the hospital. For almost 2 weeks now, though, he has been waking up twice each night. This happens at 2 and again around 3:30.

He just springs up, usually in a good mood, the same way DD wakes up from a full nights sleep. I will give him some milk and he normally goes back to bed after finishing his bottle.

FWIW, he has been having a TERRIBLE time cutting teeth; his pediatrician said he has the most swollen gums she has seen. Maybe that's why he is having trouble sleeping. Or maybe he is just going to be one of those kids that wakes up at the ass crack of dawn every morning.

Did anyone else's LO go through this? Was it a phase? And what did you do?


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  • We are going through the same exact thing! Before I lay her down (lol..the 1st time) I use baby orajel naturals on her gums. She is trying to get three teeth at once and her back gums are swollen too. Her first three teeth just popped up out of no where and never gave any trouble. I don't do anything since she not crying or fussy.
  • I went thru this with DD at around 9 months too. She was teething. I started to nurse her back to sleep bc I was also worried maybe she was waking due to hunger. We had a dr appt about a week into the new habit and dr warned me this is common and that we needed to have a plan in place to get her back in the habit of sleeping thru. She said if I wanted to feed her that's fine but be prepared to do it every night. Well that's not what I want! So from that point on whenever she woke, one of us would get up with her and rock her back to sleep, no lights on, no playing etc. After another week she was back to STTN. Now I'm sure some of it had to do with teething but I'm glad we stayed solid on our plan bc I could have easily created a new habit with feeding every night at 2 AM! Hope this helps! Every baby is different and so is every parent but that's my story!
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    Thanks everyone! I'm going to try giving him more milk before he falls asleep tonight, along with some Tylenol for his teething. FX!

  • My DD is a little over 8 months but she does this from time to time where she'd wake up for a few nights in the middle of the night and is alert and not tired and it takes her 1.5-2 hours to go back to sleep. She has done it quite often, usually lasts a few days and I have not found any reason for it yet..I first I thought it must be a new milestone..teething..growth spurt...but it kept happening from time to time..a few nights of it then back to her usual (for us usual is waking up twice to eat and go back to sleep). I can handle eating and going back to sleep but it's pretty annoying when they're up ready to play at 1 am. What I do is nurse her, rock her and hum to her for sometimes 45 minutes in the dark...then I put her back in her crib and she lays there and thinks about life (what it seems like from the camera anyway) until she falls sleep.
  • Our LO did this right about then too. It was teething, crawling, a wonder week, you name it, we had it. He was pretty good about just fussing for a bit and then going back to sleep on his own, but it was super annoying because it woke me up multiple times a night and I would have to lay there worrying if it was bad enough for me to go in. He was back on track in a few weeks though - not fun!
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