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Hey all, I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I've been following this board for the past few months and figured I would start posting.
I've got 2 babies on the way and my wife and I are really excited! She's due the end of March although it likely won't go that late. We've been married about 3.5 years and it took us a while to get pregnant, which is why I'm excited it's twins! We are moving out of our condo in the next few weeks and are looking for a house to rent this weekend.
Anyone have any good tips on twins?

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  • Welcome and Congratulations.
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    I don't think we have any parents of multiples on here... my cousin-in-law had twins and it seems like while it is indeed more work, if they are your first, you don't really know any better.  It also seems like time management and developing as much of a schedule as you can will do you wonders, though that stands for having a single child too.

    Oh, and welcome to the board officially.
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  • My grandmother was a twin and they can be a handful especially if they are identical like she was.  I also have cousins that are not identical that I can now tell apart easier because of height etc.

    Most people think it is cute to dress twins alike but I am not sure I would want to do that since I have a hard enough time with names.
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  • Welcome!  No experience with twins here.  I think you are the first for the board.

  • First with twins... I guess we can all learn together!
  • ladyjenna13ladyjenna13 member
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    Welcome to the board.  Twins will be fun.  Is the gender known?

    I have seen twins being raised, and while it is challenging, with time managment and keeping a routine, you guys will be fine.  Doesn't matter if it is one infant or five, the kids will be up every three hours to eat, and you will not get much sleep.  If one or both are colicky, you will get even less sleep and start to hallucinate possibly.

    And you will be uber paranoid about them!!

    The main thing you and your wife (assumption) have to do is be a team, communicate ALWAYS, and follow the game plan you both agree on.  The lack of sleep will mess with you both, so you really have to be aware of that if the two of you start to snap on each other.  One of the most wicked fights my wife and I have ever had was in that first week of no sleep.  After that, we knew staying focused on a gameplan was critical to us working together.

    And have fun with it.  Nothing is better than holding a little newborn.  Nothing.  I will never forget holding my son at two weeks, spending Saturday's with him watch Badger games.  They grow up wayyyyyy too fast!


  • Hello!

    As for twins, may god have mercy on your soul.
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • Thanks! The gender isn't known and we are not planning to find out. My wife is nearly 21 weeks now and still getting sick every now and then. I know we will have our hands full but we both have a lot of experience with infants so hopefully we will be able to survive and enjoy their early days... Look forward to sharing stuff with you all.
  • Welcome and congrats!  I hope you like beer, bacon, and boobs because that's all I'm really good for.
  • Those happen to be my 3 favorite things in life!
  • Prime said:
    Welcome!  No experience with twins here.  I think you are the first for the board.
    g0nnabeadad said:
    First with twins... I guess we can all learn together!

    That changed fast.
  • Hold on to your hats?  it will be crazy and overwhelming at times but amazing over all im sure!
  • Congrats on the twins!

    I always thought it would be cool to have 2 at a time and get it over with.

    We have a 7 week old son we adopted at birth so I have no advice between now and when they arrive. I can tell you that communication is key to keeping a happy marriage when trying to juggle feeding, sleeping and daily life. Be as involved as possible and try to take as much of the load (including household chores) off your wife so she can be relaxed and happy. A happy wife equals a happy life.

    Until then, sleep while you can!
    Proud 40 year old, first time daddy!
  • Welcome! Got twins coming in July/August. Guess I'll have some questions for you buddy!
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  • Yea my wife is 34 weeks on Sunday so it won't be too long now! Things have been going well and we are all set with bags packed. Now it's just a waiting game, that and shoveling snow every few days.
    Happy life = happy wife... This couldn't be more true.
  • You got some smart twins. They're just waiting for all the snow to melt.
  • Congrates my younger sister has twins they are defiantly a handful
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