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EPO Question

I know there are lots of threads on EPO on this board. I've read through most of them over the course of the last few months. But, hoping to just have a quick question answered. I have only been able to find bottles with 1,000 milligram gel caps. I've been taking one daily (orally) since week 36. On Tuesday I'll be 38 weeks and would like to start inserting one vaginally.

Should I replace the oral dose with the vaginal dose? It seems a lot of people take 1,000 mg vaginally and 500 mg orally per day. But, I only have the 1,000 mg tablets. Not sure if 2,000 mg per day is too much.


Thank you!
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Re: EPO Question

  • From all my research, I've found recommendations for up to 4000/day as well as inserting 2 gels a day! I take 3 1000/day and insert one in the AM and one in the PM.
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  • I didn't insert them vaginally, but took 2000-3000mg, orally each day.
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  • Thanks everyone!
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  • I agree with the others.  2,000mg should be fine.  Last time I took 2-500mg doses orally and a 500mg dose vaginally from 37 weeks on.
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