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Reflux Baby??

I am a new mom and my baby boy is now five months old. After having him, I tried to breastfeed for about two weeks and he never would latch on correctly and I had a hard time using my pump while taking care of the baby alone (His father didn't have much time off from work to spend with us). Eventually,, I switched to Enfamil formula. He then started vomiting (Keep in mind, he was not "spitting up". He was VOMITING). He was on this formula for about one month and his pediatrician told me to switch to Soy formula, so I did. He was still vomiting on the soy formula at least once every day. The soy formula made him constipated so then I was advised by his pediatrician to put Karo Syrup in every bottle to ease the  constipation, I did this as well.  I informed his pediatrician about the vomiting AGAIN and was told to sit my son up for at least 15 mins after each feeding for reflux precautions. I just recently took him to the pediatrician because he sounded congested. His Dr told me that he could be vomiting because he is getting choked up on the mucus. So now his chest is clear and is no longer congested, but is still vomiting. He is also still constipated even with using Karo syrup in EVERY bottle. So, I took him back to the Dr and was told that he could be vomiting because he is constipated. I was advised to give my baby 2 prune juice bottles every day. I have been doing this for two days now and he has had a dirty diaper but has also thrown up.Several friends have told me that he may have reflux and may need a prescription medication to treat it.  Like I mentioned earlier, I am a new mom and I have no idea what to do at this point. All advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!

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  • Is he gaining weight? Does he refuse to feed? Or want to stop? Our pediatrician said that the spit up / vomit was ok as long as our LO gained weight, made wet and poopy diapers and didn't refuse the bottle.

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  • Does your baby cry or seem to be in any pain after vomiting?  If so, I would definitely talk to your pedi about the possibility of reflux or request to see a pediatric GI specialist.  Like PP said, if your LO is gaining weight and has enough wet/dirty diapers, and doesn't seem to be bothered by the spit up/vomit, I wouldn't worry about it.  Remember that the amount always looks like more than it actually is.
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  • My daughter has reflux.  She screamed in pain like you wouldn't believe.  She would arch her back and FREAK out if you touched her back to burp her.  She would projectile vomit out her mouth and nose and clear a good 3-4 feet.  She would wake me up choking on the vomit.  One day she did that and I looked over and it was shooting up in the air 2 feet (projectile) like a fountain.

    Reflux is a lot more than just spitting up.  If baby is in immense pain or is not gaining weight then meds are needed.  If baby is just spitting up but is happy and gaining then it's just normal baby behavior.  It's not until after 6months of age that their stomach is in a position to better keep food down. 

    After we got her on the meds she stopped screaming and the projectile vomit and choking.  Every time she outgrows her dose the symptoms return.


  • He is gaining weight but not at the rate he should be. He does not refuse to feed!  He does have plenty of wet diapers but only about one poopy diaper per week.. 

    Sometimes he cries after vomiting but it comes out of both his mouth and his nose so I thought maybe he was having a hard time breathing after vomiting & in result he cries..? Idk.

    Thank you all so much for the advice!!!

  • =Lee=B ..
    He is not in pain when he vomits. But, he is also not "spitting up". He is Vomiting!  
    Thanks for the advice and good luck with your little girl :)
  • My son had reflux as well, they put him on Zantac to reduce the pain, but not the amount he was throwing up. It seemed to be worse when we fed him Enfamil formula. We switched him to Similac Sensitive, and he seemed to tolerate that better. 
  • Thank you all soo much!! 
  • I had my twins at 27 weeks, and being so preemie my son has severe reflux. He is now 7 months (4 months adjusted). He had to get a g tube at 3 months old do to it. He would arch his back and scream at me with all liquids, and have to sit up for hour or longer sometimes after eating, otherwise he would have projectile vomit. After a swallow study and Drs not helping very much, I did a lot of research and tried my own things. With drs prescription i started with zantac and he is on 1.5 mls 3 times daily. We did try prilosec, but it gave him such a tummy ache. I also started with rice cereal in bottle, it makes it a little thicker and settled in his tummy a little better. But can cause constipation, so I did try pear and prune juice, did not work and make tummy icky.  I would have to give a suppository every other day. Then I started baby on Nutramigen formula. It is for babies that have hard time digesting dairy proteins. It is expensive and tastes terrible. But it has worked great. With a nutritionist working with me, we have upped the calorie and lowered the liquid level. As he can only drink 3 ounces every 3 hours. He still has the occasional spit up but not anywhere close to what it used to be. I have also started him on baby food, it also does make his tummy liquid thicker and settles better. What I have learned is that you know your baby best. Reflux can be a very painful thing, if you Dr is not much help maybe find one that is or ask current Dr about things you would like to try. I had to very stern with my Dr a few times. Please be aware that baby does have  to outgrow reflux, but we can help make it not so painful til then. Ask your Dr if maybe you little one could be having issues with milk protein that is in most formulas? I'm here if you have more questions, I have learned from experience.
  • This may be an allergy.  Please get referred to a GI Specialist.  My LO had similar issues.  We are now on Neocate.  A prescription "Elemetal" formula.  The Alementum or Neutramagen didn't correct things completely.  LO is a totally different kid now.  So, happy.  Really look into this.
  • Oh, and LO had reflux issues too.  We took Zantac as well.  It helped some.  The formula change made all the difference.  Helped with vomiting, reflux, constipation (and sometimes diarrhea), rashes, and MOOD!  He now has started to drink more formula with no reflux issues.  We were at 2-3 oz every 2-3 hours.
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