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First post need some input

Hi ladies, I normally just lurk over here and post on Dec 13 and PGAL. I was told I should XP my latest issue here but wanted to intro myself a little first. I'm due December 10th with a little boy. We were hoping for an unmedicated birth this time around. DH is Air Force and I'll be delivering on base. 
So here is what I posted earlier on PGAL:
So I had an appointment today and was told that LO is feet first. She told me I had two options try to get baby to turn or schedule a c-section. She gave me a few ideas how to get him to turn but made it seem like my best/only real option is a version. I'm torn as to what to do. I really just wanted to attempt an unmedicated vaginal birth. There is a small part of me that wants to just wait and see if he'll turn on his own but I don't want to schedule a c-section and it sounds like if I don't do the version that is what they expect me to do. Does anyone know how valid an option pushing a feet first baby out is. Am I out of my mind thinking that is still an option for me. Sorry if this is kinda choppy I'm still processing everything and DH is in meetings all day at work so I don't get to talk to him about it until he gets home. 

I will add that I've now talked with DH and he is very uncomfortable with the version and would rather schedule the section and hope baby decided to turn on his own.

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  • I would check out the spinning babies wesite.  They have lots of excercises you can do at home to help LO turn.  Also, babies can turn at any time.  A friend had her LO turn @ 36 weeks.  She had tons of cramping and was really uncomfortable one night.  She thought it might be labor but it fizzled out.  At her next appointment LO was heads down.  My point is do not give up hope yet, your LO could still turn. 
    As for the external version I was planning to do one if my LO was breech.  From what I read they are fairly safe, just very uncomfortable for mom.  They do have varying success rates but I thought it was worth a shot.  I would talk to your MW more and see what she recommends.  IMO I would exhaust all options before going ahead with a C/S.

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    My little one flipped at 36 weeks, then flipped again, and still wasn't in the correct position until I was about 9.5 cm. I went to an osteopathic doctor and had pelvic manipulations, midwife recommended I bounce on an exercise ball, do squats, lunges and lay on my left side. Hope your little one moves into position. I personally would see what happens in labor, babies can rotate at the end. I personally wouldn't do a version but I would try a natural labor and if baby didn't rotate I would do a section then. Good luck sending baby rotate vibes to you!
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  • People having varying opinions on delivering breech babies, and there are different breech positions -- some are easier to deliver than others. If my baby were frank breech (butt first), I would consider a vaginal delivery, but personally I wouldn't consider trying to deliver a footling (feet first) breech. Since the feet can't really dilate the cervix properly, there is a risk that the cervix can clamp shut before the head is delivered. With frank breech, the butt is closer in size to the head, which makes delivery safer. (Your provider can give you a much more accurate explanation of the dynamics than my layman description, of course!) You'll have a very hard time finding a qualified provider willing to do a footling delivery, especially in a hospital setting. If your provider is offering a version and a vaginal delivery is important to you, why not consider it? I always wonder whether a breech or OP baby is like that for a reason, which makes me somewhat uncomfortable forcing a position change, but if I could get an experienced practitioner who will monitor the baby and won't force the position change if the baby resists, I'd probably give it a try. My OB doesnt do versions herself, but prefers to send patients to a perinatologist who does them quite frequently -- which would certainly put me more at ease. Just remember that the success rate isn't as high as you might think for a version, so I'd prepare for alternatives.
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  • Thank you all for your great advice! I looked at the spinning babies sight and really like the info they have on it. I want to avoid the version because of the things Yogakitten mentioned and my Dr. said they do them in the OR incase the placenta breaks loose and they have to do an emergency c-section. I'd much rather plan a section then end up in an emergency situation. That and I like the idea of my body doing thing on it's own, which is why I wanted to do the unmedicated birth this time around too. Since my Dr. said baby is feet down I'm assuming footling breech. I think I'm going to call today and let them know that I'll be trying some natural ways to get baby to flip and see if we can schedule a c-section but cancel it if he turns. I know the most important thing is for him to come out safely 
  • another ditto to spinning babies as well as a suggestion of a chiropractor who is trained in the webster technique. I have also heard good things about acupuncture for helping turn baby. GL and definitely exhaust all other options before scheduling a c section.

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  • My LO was breech at 37 weeks. ECV was very, very painful (I'm sorry) and very unsuccessful. I did spinning babies daily from 28 weeks on, so that wasn't successful for me. However, I had one appt with the chiro for Webster technique and baby flipped at 37.5 weeks!! So obviously, I'm a huge believer:)

    I will say that in my area (Minneapolis/St Paul) there are no providers who will deliver any type of breech vaginally. At least, that was the case 13 months ago.
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  • I just spoke with the nurse at my hospital, she said that any time a c-section is scheduled because of a breech baby they do an ultrasound before hand and if baby has turned; they give the option of going home and waiting for labor to begin on it's own :) She also said they have an acupuncturist on staff and she is going to contact him for a time that I can go in. She said they had someone who did the moxibustion thing as well but hadn't smelled it recently so she'd see if they still have that.  Thank you ladies for your advice and encouraging words, I'm off to do some laying in awkward positions and have Dh squeeze my pinky toes haha!
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  • I agree with all the recommendations for spinning babies.  If you have exhausted all other options you could consider an external version, however as others have pointed out they can be painful for you and often unsuccessful.  Keeping my fingers crossed for you that baby turns.
  • NYMama1 said:
    I agree with all the recommendations for spinning babies.  If you have exhausted all other options you could consider an external version, however as others have pointed out they can be painful for you and often unsuccessful.  Keeping my fingers crossed for you that baby turns.
    I may consider a version just before my scheduled c-section to see if baby would flip one last time we'll see haha! I will be asking my Dr. about it at my appointment Tuesday.
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