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Nervs of a dad to he actually excited?

Hey everyone. So im getting close to having our son. My side of the family
Is very big. And my dad is excited but gettin on my nerves to trying to get us to move to Cali so we hve more family around... Can't afford it and I don't want to be there. My fiancé is an only child and his family is very small and lives in nv. To top it off his Gpa just passed away last week. He's been up and down in emotions (which is understandable). While his Gpa was in the hospital he wanted to argue and told me I should
Just leave. Now of the passing he's
Very lovey with my but hasn't really said hi to the baby like he use to. You think everything will be okay??? In don't know If I should take things personal
Or go with the flow (let alone it's been a constant battle with his family since we got together) help

Re: Nervs of a dad to he actually excited?

  • He's not one for counseling his job offers it free if needed. I'm trying my best but sometimes I'm at a list for words
  • Sometimes all you need to do is just to be there and hold him.  Words are not always needed.
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  • People grieve in different ways, some detach, some want more attention, some become angry.  Not knowing the guy, I can't tell you how he grieves, but it sounds like this probably is playing a factor in things.
  • I agree with Wulfgar and Coltsdad.  Psychologically speaking, after a death of someone so close to him the thought of even acknowledging new life can be a finger twist in the wound.  It sounds like he has detached himself from the "new life" aspect (not speaking to the baby like he used to) but being exceptionally loving in order to get more attention as a means of comfort.  I think you need to just show him a little more attention here and there and try to pull him out of his funk.  But no worries, I'm sure as soon as your son is here he'll snap out of that "New life" distance and be all over his child.
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  • I don't know if you have picked out a name or not yet, but maybe suggest that your son's middle name could be his grandfather's 1st name in order to honor him?
  • Mourning and grief take time.  Support him and let him know that you are there for him.  Hold him and share in his experience as best you can.

    I have lost important people in my life, one at the age of ten and one at the age of 30.  Dealing with loss is such a personal experience.  It is hard for those outside of that relationship to gauge the level of loss because of the shock of it to the person experiencing it..

    Love is sometimes being silent, while being there.  That is so hard to figure out for all of us who love someone.  We want to remove their pain, but we can't.  So if he cries, hold him, and cry with him, because his loss is certainly a loss that you feel as well, being in love with him.


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