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what did you do w/ outgrown carseats?

We have twins & so have four Britax convertible car seats that we recently had to replace b/c they outgrew the height limits. They are in great shape, have never been in an accident and they don't expire for another year or two. It seems like a crime to just toss them and I don't even know if typical donation places even take carseats b/c of the risk of them having been in an accident or something. I don't know anyone personally who needs this kind of seat.

The other thing that is kind of random about them is they are Britax Diplomats, which were discontinued shortly after we bought them b/c they are actually a smaller convertible (which is what we needed so we could put one rear facing behind my husband when he was driving, the full size was too big for him to sit comfortably). I assume they discontinued them b/c the new 2 yr RF recs were about to come out at the time and with the lower height/weight limits some bigger kids wouldn't be able to be in them for as long... (35 lb RF, 40 lb FF, 40 inches for either) My kids are on the smaller side and were over 4 before we swapped them out so it wasn't an issue for us.

Any suggestions?

Re: what did you do w/ outgrown carseats?

  • You can post them on CL with the information.  I personally wouldn't buy a seat from CL because I don't trust that people will be honest but I've sold quite a few (it amazes me how trusting some people are, they don't know me, they have no idea if I'm being honest when I say they've never been in an accident). 

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  • I gave mine to my parents - DS hasn't technically outgrown them, but one of his convertibles expired, so I switched him to a harness booster combo in both cars and gave the non-expired seat to my parents because I absolutely HATE theirs. We still have the travel system. I tried to sell it at a garage sale, but the one person interested hadn't funded herself for a big purchase that day. It expires in a few months now, so will probably just give the seat to someone to use at the next BRU trade-in and sell the stroller.
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  • give it to someone you know, that's what I did with mine, my friends trusted me that they weren't in an accident.  i have seen people buy these at garage sales, we got 1 for my father in law who drove my DD maybe twice ever, so i was ok with using it for very rare occasions.
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  • If they have time left on them our local kid consignment stores take them. I never use freecycle but you can do that or Craigslist. Call local shelters or those types of donation places and some take them. Maybe even a local church or Headstart program have a parent that would use it.
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  • As a side not we have traveled twice with car seats that expired a month earlier or the same month and left it at our destination since we did not need them after we arrive back at our local airport.
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  • You can try donating them to a child passenger safety tech program. Maybe try searching safekids.org for a program near you and give them a call. I've heard that some will use them as hands on training for their classes.
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  • Give it to someone you know or donate to BRU when they do the great trade-in event. Receive a coupon for % off another item.
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  • I sold my Boulevard for $80-100 on CL.  It only took a few days (less than a week) to sell.  My Chicco Courtina set sold for $125 and only had a year left before it expired, and it sold even faster. 
  • Give them to a friend to use as a backup carseat for a grandparent or caregiver?  If I needed a carseat for a grandparent to use occasionally, I'd take a used, expired carseat from a trusted friend over spending a ton of $ on a carseat that will barely be used.

    I don't think you'll have much luck selling them because they're discontinued and used.
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