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IVF Wait List: Ft. Bragg, NC

Any wives know anything about the wait list at Ft. Bragg. DH and I are on our last round of Follistim injections and will be forced to move on to IVF if this cycle fails. After three years of failed fertility treatments, we want to get as much info as we can to get on the wait list for IVF at Bragg and speed the process up a bit if possible. We are currently stationed at Ft. Stewart, GA but when DH makes CPT in less than a year, we'll be moving most likely to Bragg. Does anyone know if it's possible to be put on the wait list at Bragg while still stationed at Stewart? And does anyone know what the wait time is like on said wait list? TIA! 
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Re: IVF Wait List: Ft. Bragg, NC

  • I did 2 IVF cycles and 3 FET cycles at Ft. Bragg between April 2012 and August 2013 (we were stationed at Bragg). When we were cycling with the RE there, they were only doing 3 IVF cycles each year (January/February, April/May, and July/August). Even though we're not stationed there anymore or are undergoing treatment anymore, I occasionally keep in contact with my nurse. She mentioned that they were adding another IVF cycle into the rotation due to the fact that another RE recently came on staff. I'm not positive if you have to be on Prime to undergo an IVF cycle at an MTF. When we considered moving onto IVF back in January 2012, we were placed on the wait list for the April/May cycle. We did all of our additional testing that was required while we waited. 

    Check out this website for some more information - 

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  • They used to do cycles every other month at Womack when I was cycling there in 2010/2011 and there was never a wait list.  My husband is Navy and we were never stationed at Ft. Bragg and we did all our IVF cycles there.  Of course you have to take the time off and travel for the cycle but their IVF program isn't limited to people who are only stationed there.  We had cycle buddies from Georgia, Camp Lejeune, etc
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