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intro not excited

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Just need some advice. I'm having a c section on Oct 4th for a breech baby and i'm not feeling the way i should be about it. Everyone around me my husband family and friends are all excited and happy and i'm not. I've been talking about it to them and they are just getting upset and frustrated with me. I dont want to rob everyone else of all the excitment and happiness just because i'm not. I don't feel like i have anyone else to talk to about it because no one else gets it. My doctor gave me Zoloft to start yesterday but i haven't yet. Before i was pregnant i was on Effexor but got off while TTC. I haven't had any problems and really all of this started when i found out he was breech and I would have to have a c section. It was like my anxiety went from 0 to 60 in an hr. I dont know if i should start taking the Zoloft now from previously being on meds i know that it takes 2 weeks to start to work. And this is all happening a week from now. I just want to be as exicted as everyone else is. Thanks for listening

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Re: intro not excited

  • I was the same way when I was delivering LO.  She too was born c-section and was less then thrilled at her birth.  When they put her in my arms in the recovery room, I had no feelings for her.  Take my advise do what ever you have to to get help and stick with it.  My LO is now a year old and my depression has done some much harm to her that I am afraid some of it is unrepairable.
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