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13 Weeks Pregnant

Food & Eating (or lack there of)

Hey Ladies,

So I have always loved to cook (& eat) but since about 6 weeks preggo I have not wanted to cook or eat things i usually love. This is our first little blessing so I thought i would want to stuff my face but I don't. Is there anybody else who doesnt have a taste for many foods or has lost the urge to cook?? 

P.S.- Poor hubby has def noticed, lol 


Re: Food & Eating (or lack there of)

  • I am exactly the same way!  Before we found out I would cook us dinner every night, now I can't stomach the thought of being in the kitchen!  Glad to know that I am not alone!
  • Me too... I love to cook. And I can't stand the smell of raw and cooking meat. I thought it was just because of morning sickness, but 13 weeks in I'm still having the same issue. I thought it was just me..

  • Now I don't feel so bad. This my second pregnancy and the smell of onions cooked or raw makes me I'll. Just like my first pregnancy only this time is worse. 
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  • I feel your pain!  Lucky me, I'm 13 weeks with baby #3 and have 2 eating machines (7 1/2 & 9 year olds!) and a husband to feed.  I have been using my crock pot ALOT with copious amounts of garlic in it, since that seems to drown out the smell of meat :)  Good thing my fam likes garlic!
  • I'm in the same boat, but i've taken an interesting turn for the stuff i can stomach.  I can't cook, can't stand the smell or taste of most seasonings, and want nothing to do with meat of any kind (the thought of meat destroys my appetite). I hate sweets, candy, ice cream, cake... deserts of any kind.  The texture of cakes muffins or any soft sweet pastry ... *shivers with disgust*   What I can eat is any kind of raw fruit or veggie, oh and tomato juice lots and lots of tomato juice.

    Frequently meals with me consist of diced watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, with a fresh salad with dark romaine & spinach lettuces, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, lite ranch, and sunflower seeds.  Then water, lemon-lime Gatorade, a fruit smoothie (how i get protein :P ) or tomato juice to drink.

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  • I am 13 weeks and is totally normal! I have felt the same way. The food I loved before pregnancy just doesnt taste the same and my ability to cook has slacked due to weird food wants and also the indecisiveness of what I do want to eat. This is our first baby too! Goodluck! :)
  • Same here. The first twelve weeks cooking was the worst. But now, in my 13th week, I was able to cook my hubby dinner. It didn't bother maybe there's a light at the end of this tunnel...called second trimester - almost there! :-) Good luck to everyone!
  • Yes i am going through the same thins as well....This is my third pregnancy and i have had all the symptoms you can mention with this pregnancy.

     I hate cooking even the things that i love most, specially not a big fan of any meats....

    P.S.I only have a beautiful 9 year old girl and my second passed away, so i guess this third chance i should be grateful :) lol

  • I have no desire to cook at all. In fact my husband thinks I am crazy but the refrigerator is grossing me out. It smells like old veggies and I am the only one who can smell it. We are living with my in-laws and I do not want to offend them by throwing away all of their food but seriously I can taste fridge when i get a glass of water or eat fruit that has been stored in their. Yuck! The smell of raw meat sends me running so I really cant handle touching raw meat. I have actually lost 5 pounds since I got pregnant while everyone else that I know actually gained weight in their first trimester. Ugh...

    My doctor said that I am not eating enough. I am actually anemic now. Yicks! Her advice was to eat more protein. She also suggested eating 5 small meals per day. This can be tough since I work full time. Good luck ladies! 

    13 weeks down! :)

  • I'm in the same boat! My poor hubby has noticed as well, but I have been teaching him how to cook the things that he wants. I usually feel like fruit or yogurt at night. Nothing that requires prep.
  • In the same boat!!!! This our first baby and we are so excited to become parents. I used to cook every night for my hubby and I. Since week six or seven I cannot bare the thought of planning, preparing or cooking meals, especially those involving chicken.  Everyone keeps telling me it will get better ... I'm still waiting! 
  • It sucks! I love food and NOTHING interest me at this point. I dread meal times because I know I have to eat something but nothing tastes or sounds good. And poor hubby! I haven't made him a meal since finding out at 5 weeks. I made a meal tonight as a belated father's day present (as I was sick yesterday) and had to run to the bathroom several times due to the smell of meat. Reminded myself that I haven't stopped cooking just because I don't like it, but because I can't stand it!

     Hubby has been great about cooking for me and the my sk's, but I feel horrible for putting it all off on him lol. 

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  • This is my first pregnancy and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with this problem!!!!  Normally I love to grill out in the summer, but I think our grill is collecting dust now.  It's not the smell of any foods that turns me off, it's just the thought of it!  I hope this goes away soon, since I'll be entering my 2nd trimester soon.  I find that I can eat breaded chicken, but not regular chicken.  Same with fish, breaded fish doesn't bother me a bit, but my normal baked tilapia turns my stomach now.  It's so weird! 
  • I also used to cook and bake but once getting pregnant, I've stopped the frequency. I hate the way the smell of food would linger oh and the smell of garlic. I used to love the way garlic would bring out the flavor in my meals but now, barf. I'm also noticing I'm not eating as I should. I work 12hrs and sometimes don't get a chance to pop something in my mouth. By the time I get home I have gas and some serious hunger pains. 
  • early in my pregnancy probably before 9-10ish weeks I was never hungry. I didn't want to eat, I only ate bc my stomach  world growl and I have to feed baby.  Now i feel like i need to eat every 2-3 hours.  I never feel like cooking anymore either. I'm always eating fruits and veggies so i don't really have to cook that much. I just get something easy to make and put it in the oven lol. 
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  • That's funny because I have never liked cooking & usually wouldn't do it. My DH is the "cooker". His family owns a  catering business so he has always been a foodie.  But since about Week 9, I have been having sudden urges to cook. As a matter of fact I'm eating leftovers from a meal I cooked last night, right now. I have definitely lost the taste for foods/drinks I normally love though. I have always LOVED apple juice, blue bell homemade vanilla ice cream, fruit snacks, mike & ike candy & MOST AMAZINGLY, chocolate. I would almost kill for anything chocolate prior to being preggo, but I don't really like it anymore. Always preferred room temperature drinking water, but now I must have it ICE COLD. Also lost the taste for oatmeal. I'd eat a bowl every morning. I can't STAND it now. Also, I've never been a "hot sauce" or jalapeno girl, but now I want them on everything. This is my 1st LO, so all this is very new to me at 29 yrs old.
  • Wow you made me hungry and I haven't had an appetite in a month.

    thank you 

  • I used to LOVE onions and hate it has switched!!  I can hardly stand onions but love tomatoes!!!  Gotta love being pregnant! :)
  • I actually do this hilarious thing of eating, loving my food yummm yuummm......and then without a warning I feel like if I dare swallow what is in my mouth that I will be sick!  (I have always been scared of vomiting and have been lucky to not vomit at all this pregnancy!) This usually results in me spitting out my food...being sad that I can't keep eating because I'm hungry...a really good man burp... and then I can usually eat a little more. 
  • I'm size 6 to 8 and love my food but can't seem to put on weight but since I have been pregnant I can't eat cooked food or bread or anyform of meat for some reason. I literally live off cereal. Been for my first scan and the baby well its a lil chuncky bugger by the looks of things. My midwife has told me to jus snack through the day so at the moment I'm havin about 5 bowls of cereal a day.
  • HOLY CROW I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I'm going to tell my DH about this when I get home too. I'm the cook in our house, and suddenly the kitchen is the bane of my existence! The smell of the fridge puts me off, the smell of our pots 'n pans cupboard (that was the hardest to explain to DH lol), even just steam from boiling water can turn my stomach! I thought I would have to be extra careful about my weight gain (I'm already a big girl) but haven't gained an ounce at 13 weeks. Not a singled one of my old favorites sounds appealing anymore. Not that anything sounds especially BAD (accept chicken and eggs), just that nothing sounds particularly good. Hope I can get back in the kitchen again soon!

  • I used to cook every night, it's one of my passions. I have a blog but ever since I became pregnant cooking is an absolute no-no. Everything that I used to love I now detest! Onions, garlic, spices, seaweed all day every day but not anymore. It bothers my fiance because he loves to eat that way still and I can't be in the house while he is cooking.
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  • I am exactly the same, no food I didn't like before pregnancy and I loved to cook. Now I find myself eating more like my husband (Really bad!) chips and chicken, and I can't currently eat the things he doesn't like: Cheese (who doesn't like cheese), anything coconut, any condiments. It's kind of depressing lol.
  • Hello!
    Good to hear I am not alone with this feeling.I hate smell of the meat many times I can't take the taste as well.I just noticed if I goin to eat in restaurant I can have deep fryed meats and nuffin else.With cooking at home I suffer, coz smell of foods are put me off eating at so many times.What I found more enjoyable are all kind of pastas, different types of breads and cooked potato.I love row veg and fruits as well.
    How I went forward with pregnancy I believed it s will get better but not...I do not feel sick all the time no more but I still can't having it the smell of the row meet.
  • I definitely hear you. I cannot stand the smell of meat period! I haven't been able to cook and I feel just awful about it. But my significant other is like its okay I'm not helpless. I know he isn't but I just want to be able to do. Anyway on the bright side here lately I have been able to take the smell of chicken. Cooking really is hard for me. Anything that doesn't require prep makes me a happy MOMMA!

  • I am 13 wks and I am the same way, im miserable.
  • That sounds like me to a tee : I started getting nauseous around 6 weeks and have not had the desire to cook, much less eat anything really healthy. I seem to do well with anything carb breads, pasta no sauce. Some fruit and an indulgence ice cream! seem to be ok, too. My hubby has been so understanding, but I definitely have been feeling sorry for him lately : it's like an alien has kidnapped his wife and we're not sure when, or if, she'll be back! Here's hoping the 2nd trimester is more enjoyable :
  • It's my first pregnancy and I'm 13 weeks now,before I even knew I was pregnant I started losing weight.Eventually when I found out I was pregnant I lost even more weight,I lose a kilo every day due to not having epitite.I hardly ever eat anything and when I do eat I eat at least 2 meals a day.
  • This is my first as well and I feel like its such a chore to have to eat esspecially because almost nothing sounds good! I'm finally starting to get over my "all day sickness" I'm hoping ill get my appetite back and my energy!
  • ii am the same i have lost 6 pounds because i have no appitite to eat

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