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UIHC Water Birth?

Hi y'all! I am pregnant with my first and very excited. My first doctor's appointment isn't for two weeks though and I have a pressing question! Does anybody know if the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics offers water births? I really want to have one but I know not many hospitals offer them. I was hoping since it is a really highly renowned one that it would, but I haven't found anything on their website about it.
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Re: UIHC Water Birth?

  • I don't think so...Many hospitals in Iowa feel that they're not safe enough (?!). I know the hospital in Dubuque and Waukon does. Have you considered a homebirth?

    Either way, definitely get a doula. I wish I would've had one with my first and second pregnancy--maybe I wouldn't have given in and gotten an epidural (SUPER long labor--Saturday-Tuesday with both).

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  • I did want a home birth but DH thinks it would be too risky in case there were complications; he wants to already be at the hospital.  Plus we will have SO many family members visiting for the birth and we just have a little 2 bedroom apartment. I really want a doula but I have heard they're pretty expensive.  How much do they usually run?  I am working with a midwife instead of a doctor, and I plan on going to prenatal yoga classes and childbirth classes to prepare myself.  I really want to do it natural, even though a lot of people think I can't do it (which makes me want to even more).  I did find out that UIHC has whirlpool baths in the rooms for while you're in labor, so at least I can have it up until delivery to keep me relaxed.

    I can't believe you had such a long labor!  I would have given in and asked for the epidural too!
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