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Don't want to gain unnessasary weight

Ok so I'm 5'5 and have always been on the heavier side. I've always sucked I'm my stomach since I was little so I wouldn't look so bad. Now that I'm newly pregnant I don't want to gain a lot of unnessasary weight because it will just crush what was left of my confidence. any tips or things that you have tried to only gain healthy weight. Tbh I'm 190lbs :(

Re: Don't want to gain unnessasary weight

  • I think that the number one thing is to have realistic expectations.  You are going to gain weight. You are probably going to hate the way you look (I do -- I'm so happy to be pregnant, but its hard not to feel huge).  

    The other thing is that you can eat as healthy as possible and keep active but you are still going to gain weight.  You have to.  Its biology -- your body is preparing for all sorts of things in the coming weeks and months.  Its storing fat differently and using energy differently.  

    I do find that mentally, I feel better when I eat right and exercise.  After the first trimester (when I was sick as a dog), I have not changed my eating habits all that much.  I don't use pregnancy as an excuse to eat bad or extra food.  I drink a lot of water throughout the day and continue to cook healthy meals.  

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  • Don't put pressure on yourself.  You will gain weight...but it's a good step to be thinking about this early on.  If you have some extra pounds on you already, your doctor will probably recommend that you gain a smaller amount of weight to stay healthy during your pregnancy.

    Eat small meals with healthy snacks in between.  Snack on something with a bit of protein in between meals to help you feel full (ie. some plain yoghurt with berries ...a handful of almonds and an apple).  Listen to your body though...if you are hungry, eat something...just pick a healthier choice.  Eat healthy 80% of the time...and let yourself have some treats 20% of the time.  :)

    Keep active...consider signing up for a prenatal fitness class in your area.  You'll meet some other mom's to be and be active at the same time.  They are lots of fun.
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  • I gained a minimal amount when pregnant, judged solely by the fact it was gone a little over a week after giving birth.  So I think I probably only gained what I "needed to."  I wasn't terrified about gaining weight, but I didn't want to gain too much because it does not come off me easily (I've never been blessed with a speedy metabolism).

    I was very conscious about WHAT I ate.  Instead of focusing on quantity, quality.  So snacking was good and fine, because you're hungry and using calories to grow a baby, but my snacks were "healthy" and high in protein like @APendola suggested.  Oatmeal is great, hummus and pretzels, nuts, turkey rolled around string cheese, etc.  Cutting out alcohol helped too!

    And like @Reddvl, staying active helps.  You will never have the free time like you do before you have kids, so I couldn't do this now, but every morning when I was pregnant I would go for a "run" for 30 minutes with the dog.  I'm not suggesting you take up running, but if you can find 30 minutes in a day for some activity, even walking on a treadmill, or around your block, it's so good both mentally and physically.
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  • The first trimester is key to setting the stage for your weight gain. You should only be gaining 2-4 lbs in the first tri. If you keep that in mind and not overeat, you'll be able to gain normally more easily during the next two trimesters (at least that's usually how it goes). 

    You also have to keep in mind that YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT being pregnant, just try to stay in the normal range, and if you can, keep a good level of activity. If you do, you'll probably have an easier time getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight.

    Also, like PP stated, pay attention to what you are eating. Pregnancy is not a free pass to eating all the junk food you ever craved... you are creating a human being inside of you who needs all the healthy stuff you can provide. In addition, once your baby is born, your body will be depleted if you are not being healthy and that can cause  you health issues. So for the sake of your baby and your health (plus the weight loss afterwards), make sure that you try to be healthy as much as possible. 
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