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Intro :)

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Hello everyone! My little girl is due on December 15th and I'm hoping for a natural birth. I decided to go natural/med free after having a really bad experience with IV meds and my epidural when I gave birth to my son. I found this board a few weeks ago and I am fianlly able to introduce myself! I look forward to getting to know you ladies and I wish you all the best with your pregnancies and babies.

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  • Nice to meet you!
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  • Welcome!!! Hope you have an outstanding natural birth experience!!!

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  • Welcome.  This is a great with a lot of helpful information!

  • welcome

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  • Hopefully this board brings you lots of encouragement. I also had a horrible epidural (and post partum) experience with my first birth. My second birth (15hr all natural hospital birth, after a home castor oil induction) was a life transforming experience for me. My life and perspective on birth will never be the same. I am really one of the biggest wimps in the world, and if I can do it, you can too!! PM me if you have any questions.
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  • Thanks you ladies! I'm actually pretty excited about going natural. Of course I'll understand if medical intervention is needed but I can't to do this for myself. My experience with my son was awful. Epidural didn't work, even after it was redone multiple times and the IV meds put me completely out. I don't remember a thing about the last 4 hours of my labor but the pain. I couldn't even breast fed for a few hours because of how out of it I was. I'm thankful that I've found a place with so much support! Everyone that I tell I'm going med free puts it down and tells me I won't be able to do it. I'm ready to prove them wrong :)

  • You will prove them wrong. Even if you end up with interventions that you didn't plan, you will know that every decision you are making is based on what you believe is best for you and baby, and not out of fear. :-) Welcome!
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  • Do not listen to those who put it down and have no faith in you! You will be able to do it and it will be one of the most wonderful experiences of your life. Sure, it's painful and exhausting and hard--it's not called labor for nothing! But you have a precious life to celebrate at the end of the pain and neither of you will be drugged up and out of it. The bonding afterwards is amazing. You are making a great choice by going the natural route!
  • Welcome! I had a similar experience - three epidurals and the last one numbed me from the thigh down on one side. So I had no pain relief but couldn't move that side and was tied (figuratively, obviously) to the bed:/ it's my main motivation for going natural this time around.

    Best of luck!
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