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How does ur LO fall asleep?

Most of the time LO falls asleep by me holding him. A few times he has falling asleep on his own In The swing. He is just eight weeks. Hoping I'm not creating a bad habit. How does ur LO go to sleep?

Re: How does ur LO fall asleep?

  • Slowly I've been getting her to sleep on her own. I have one of those things that project stars on the ceiling and I have white noise going and I just leave her while I'm in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Last few nights it's worked perfectly!
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  • He nurses to sleep. DD did too. IMO I wouldn't expect them to fall asleep on their own yet. They're little babies still.
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  • Daytime in the Moby, being held or swing. At night I mostly rock her to sleep or she falls asleep burping after nursing. She tends to wake up when we put her down though, so we stay close to comfort her.
  • During the day he falls asleep on me and I move him to the RnP. After I feed him at 8-9 I pass DS off to DH to get him to go to sleep. I'm not totally sure what he does, but he brings him upstairs to sleep in another little baby chair we have. DH plays on the computer and watches him in the chair. It works because I'm not trying to get the baby to go to sleep. I just go right to sleep at 9, and DH gets his alone bonding time with DS.
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  • After I nurse him we put our little one in a Swaddle and put him in his crib. Sometimes he's still slightly awake and he 'so getting pretty good at soothing himself. We have a white noise maker and then ker
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  • :sorry for cut off;
    ... and we go in and turn it back on after it turns off after the first 45 mins.
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  • For naps I swaddle DD and rock her to sleep. At night she falls asleep at the bottle.

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  • I give him a bottle right before he falls asleep at night. He usually falls asleep while eating. During nap if he doesn't fall asleep while eating I lay him down and he goes to sleep on his own.
  • Most of the time she falls asleep in my arms and when I put her down she wakes up and then puts herself back to sleep 5-10 min later. She also falls asleep in her car seat when we go out or for a walk
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  • My daughter falls asleep at the breast then is put in a SwaddleMe. She sleeps in her crib in complete darkness and white noise. She's nearly 7 weeks and has been doing this little routine since 3 weeks.
  • During the day LO falls asleep in my arms, in his swing or on his playmat. At night he eats, then I swaddle him up, then he eats some more and falls asleep at the breast. He wakes a bit after I put him in his crib, but he goes to sleep about 15 minutes after.


  • Halo swaddler and in her crib at night, she eats and gets sleepy so I can usually put her down before she actually falls asleep. During the day naps are typically in her swing but sometimes we'll use the bouncer or she's napped on me a couple times.
  • During the day she falls asleep usually while nursing. Yesterday she fell asleep on her portobello diaper mat, which she's always seemed to enjoy more than either of the two playmates we have.. And she usually falls asleep in the car seat and in the carrier if we're out and about. At night I feed her and swaddle her and then rock her for a little bit, but then put her down in the pnp. I do the same after her MOTN feeding.
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  • Most of the time he falls asleep after nursing and I transfer him to the crib (for naps) or bassinet (at night) and he stays asleep.
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  • After her last bottle, between 7-8 (thanks to the time change grrr) she will fall asleep in mine or DH's arms and then we move her to the swing.  Sometimes she wakes up but puts herself back to sleep quickly.  Then we make sure she is completely out and bring her upstairs when we are ready for bed and she goes in  the rnp.  For MOTN feedings, I rock her to sleep, and put her back in the RNP.  If she wakes up and I have to re-rock her.  She can put herself back to sleep in the swing, but not the rnp.

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  • My LO falls asleep with me holding him, or while nursing, or being rocked or in the carseat while driving.  Now yesterday he fell asleep on his playmat but that did not last long.  If I move him too soon from my arms he wakes back up.
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  • On my boob. Actually, there've been several times that she's been pretty drowsy, and if I lay her on her belly, she will look around and squirm for a while then go to sleep. The total opposite happens if I lay her on her back!
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  • While nursing, rocking or while burping is the only way she will fall asleep. Maybe once or twice she has fallen asleep on her own while in her swing. She's almost 8 weeks.
  • The best way for me to get my little girl to sleep is at the breast because she will eat until she passes out in a milk coma lol. When I pull her off the breast and I see that signature milk drunk face, I put her in the bassinet or RNP or if I'm exhausted and don't feel like moving I'll just let her sleep in my arms for a while.
  • After feeding, I burp him then he starts to squirm to be laid down.  He puts himself to sleep.  He will also go to sleep in the swing or car seat.  I was really hoping to get a baby that like to be rocked to sleep.  I guess it is a blessing in disguise though.  Hopefully he continues to go to sleep without anything special.  
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  • First nap she often passes out after eating.  Subsequent naps it's the swing, ergo, or rocking her while patting her bottom.  At night she falls asleep nursing or during the 20 minutes I hold her upright before putting her down.  Sometimes she wakes up when I set her in the crib but will often put herself back to sleep.  

    I thought DD1 was falling asleep on her own for naps by this age but I looked back at my notes and if she did it was 10-15 minutes after 30 minutes of playing happily in her crib.  So far I am being more relaxed about it this time.  Talked with a couple friends who have good sleepers and they said they didn't worry about how they fall asleep until closer to 3 months.  
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