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Looking for recomendations on childcare centers in the NE and costs. This is my first pregnancy and I'm not sure to expect.  I also wouldn't mind bringing my child to someones home if I was able to do all the neccessary background checks.  Thank you!

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  • Bambi Daycare on Red Lion and Global rd is nice.  Price depends on age of child when you enroll.  My daughter was 2 when she started and I pay $180 a week and includes food.
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  • look into
    you can find local people to babysit for you.  it's a great tool, especially if you don't want your child in a facility and want more of a one on one.  
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  • I looked into Bright Horizons Center City when I thought I was going to be working in there.  Now, while I try to look for a job I have my 13 month old daughter at Bright Horizons in King of Prussia.  Her teachers are great and so helpful.  It was tough at first, but she seems to be adjusting.  I also called the local colleges and they let me post a position with them as well. 
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