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Neocate : Milk Allergy

Anyone else having to give their child Neocate?  My son (9 weeks) was just prescribed this for his milk allergy.  We had to go to a GI specialist, and he did a biopsy to determine the allergy.  Aside from the astronomical cost, anyone had luck with this?  Poor man has reflux and bloody stools.  

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  • Yes my son was prescribed that formula. He had a milk and soy protein allergy. That formula was very expensive but it was a life saver all our sons issues was instantly better after starting that formula. He is now four and still allergic to milk. We just recently had my daughter and we are watching her closely for any allergies. I'm sticking to breastfeeding and will change my diet if needed. Check with your insurance company to see if they may cover it or help with cost. Good luck and I hope neocate helps your LO like it helped ours.
  • Thanks!  I hope it helps our little guy.  I have read some nasty side effects, and I hope we do not have to deal with these!
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  • My oldest DS was on this as well. He had a milk protein and soy allergy. It was the only thing that worked for him. Our health insurance actually covered it and delivered it to our door. You may want to look into that.
  • Check with your insurance company, they may cover it through a mail order pharmacy, which would save you a ton of money. Also talk with the doctors nurse about maybe getting samples or even coupons from the drug rep. The drug rep can also help with getting it covered by your insurance.

    It's very expensive, but works great. Smells nasty as all get up, but works.

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  • Thanks!  BCBS can suck it!  They refuse to pay or contribute payment to Jake's formula.  I have a script, a GI Specialist's letter, and a Biopsy test result showing and stating he is required to have this formula due to his allergy.  Jessica, I hope the Neutramagen works for you.  We were on the Similac version, Allementum.  It did better, but didn't work out.  Neocate only comes in powder.....this gives my little man major gas.  Lovely, but!!! He's got to eat!  Thanks for the info ladies.
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