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A reenlistment question

Hi ladies, my name is amy and am active on my Bmb but feel this question is probably better suited asking yall!

My husband is in the inactive reserves for the army and has suddenly decided to reup into the reserves for a while and then go back into active.

My question is- how hard is it to be in reserves/active with children? Is there any particular questions i should make him ask the recruitment officer in reguards to me or our soon to be daughter?

I feel as though he through this at me, not that i mind him being back in the service its just quite overwhelming!

Thanks for listening!
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Re: A reenlistment question

  • My husband is AD, we're coming up on our 3rd deployment. He will be gone for the birth of our second child. I can't tell you the difference between reserves and AD because I only have AD experience. There is a lot of support out there if you ask questions. I have come to really like army life after thinking I would dread every minute of it. Benefits increase with AD as well.
  • My husband has been AD for nearly a decade now (and we've been married for longer than that) and we've been through three deployments so far (at one point he was home eight months out of three and a half years due to deployments and training).  It's hard being a military spouse, I'm not going to lie, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons for us.  How hard it is for you is going to depend on you both, his MOS, his command, will he be deploy-able, will he be doing shift work... all sorts of variables, really.  I would recommend getting in contact with his unit's Family Readiness Group (if they have one) once he's assigned to one, even if you decide hanging out with a bunch of army wives is not your thing, it's really helpful to have someone to talk to should your DH be away from home or you need help or information or even a hook up for some emergency child care.   
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  • Has YH talked with anyone about the requirements for reenlisting and then potentially going to active duty? My understanding is that it is difficult to get into the military right now, and even more difficult as a former service member. I would make certain he knows if his idea/plan is even an option. As for being a reserve family, I can't speak to that from first hand experience. There is certainly less stress on the family when a service member is in the reserves. Deployment as a reservist can be challenging on the family as the support network that is typically available is at the bigger posts. As an active duty family, it has been a good experience for MH and our family, but hard, too. DH was, basically, deployed for half of our son's first four years. We move, a lot (we've been married for seven years and we live in house number seven)--but this is more related to MH's rank and MOS. But, moving, where ever the Army sends you, is a fact of life. We moved to Germany in March of 2012 and MH deployed three months later. There are tons of benefits--while military health care has its challenges, you've got good coverage. Access to commissaries and PX are nice privileges to have. And, we have seen more of the world than we would have otherwise! Good luck with what lies ahead.
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  • Also, you may want to consider changing your SN. Using your first and last name can make it easy for random folks to learn way more about you than you might realize or want. Protecting your identity and personal information protects you and your family.
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