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First time mommys!!

Any first time mommys out there?? Has it sunk in for any of you yet??

Re: First time mommys!!

  • I'm a first timer.  Just found out yesterday and we're so excited.  Definitely hasn't sunk in yet though.  

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  • Me! Found out last week and its finally sinking in. DH and I are sooo excited!
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  • Me! So excited! Hasn't completely sunken in yet lol
  • nope, not quite! i did quite a bit of shopping today, i talk about the baby as thought they had a mind of their own, such as "the baby would like some orange juice" lol however I still get chills when my husband says im pregnant, or when he touches my belly. it just feel surreal! 

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  • It hasn't sunk in quite yet. I feel like I'm going through the motions but it's not real. I'm super excited but I think I'm still like "is this really happening? "
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  • I can't believe it honestly. It's a wonderful feeling but I don't think It'll truly sink in until I see my sweet baby for the first time
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  • Hubby and I are so excited. I am 35 and have been waiting for this moment a long time. Will be five weeks on Tuesday. I am still pinching myself.
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    Definitely surreal. I am constantly reminded that I am pregnant in the mornings with my exhaustion and hunger. I feel more 'normal' in the evenings and if I am distracted I completely forget I'm pregnant!
  • This is the first time we have a viable pregnancy (last time was an early miscarriage) by the help if modern science & IVF. We've been waiting what felt like an eternity so right now it feels still unreal (in a wonderful way) to me.. :)
  • I am starting to feel super nauseous in the morning but still haven't thrown up yet. I'm not sure if I'm just working myself up to it or what but it's not fun.
  • Still hasn't sunk in for this first time mommy. I'm hoping that a)when we see the baby in a few weeks and b) when we can actually talk about it with others once we've told everyone it will feel more real!!

    Congrats to you all and I hope everyone has a happy and easy pregnancy!
  • I just have this excited elation! Like I have never been happier about anything I've done! As far a realizing I'm going to give birth an be a clue...definitely not sinking in ;)

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  • I'm just sitting back waiting for an ultrasound (in December... .GRRRRR)... ahhhh... why do we have to wait so long? :)
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  • I still don't 100%believe it. I actually went to the doctors and requested a blood test to be sure but the doc recommended we do an ultra sound instead.  So tomorrow afternoon I am going for an ultra sound to see how far along I really am. I have irregular long cycles (ranging 40-90 days) so I'm not sure of the due-date yet, DH and I are just guessing. I think the ultra sound will make me a believer. 

  • This is our first one too! DH is more cautious than I am (he's such a realist), but I am over the moon! I'm not sure if it's sunk in yet. Maybe after our ultrasound in 2 weeks.
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  • Still in shock...Did not expect a honeymoon baby! We are really excited but I have to put away the wedding stuff and get used to being called a wife let alone a mama to be!
  • Feel you there mines the day before thanksgiving and the fact that I had a loss in July makes it even worse to have to wait. Beta numbers will have to suffice for now. Hope the wait grow by quickly for both of us!
  • First time mommy here and it has not sunk in at all. I had a miscarriage in September so it feels even more surreal that it happened so fast. My ultrasound is also a day before thanksgiving and maybe when I hear the heartbeat and see the baby it will make it more realistic lol.
  • @JuniperGraze: it's the exact opposite for DH & me. He is over the moon and I am nervously waiting (sometimes still a bit scared thinking its unreal), being the realist.

    Oh and my first scan appt is in two weeks, too :) !!
  • Any first time mommys out there?? Has it sunk in for any of you yet??

    No, it hasn't sunk in at all yet. Perhaps because I haven't had any symptoms yet?
  • it's sunk in but I'm so nervous worried about loosing the babe that I'm trying to not get my hopes too high my ultrasound is this week and I can't wait! hopefully I'll see the heartbeat!
  • First timer here too, this is our first pregnancy as well. I didn't really expect to feel different but I don't think it will completely sink in until I'm puking or something.
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  • First timer. Super nervous and can't wait for our first appt on the 11th. I just need to hear the heartbeat, and I feel like I'll be able to calm down a bit.
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  • @CandC13
    Still in shock...Did not expect a honeymoon baby! We are really excited but I have to put away the wedding stuff and get used to being called a wife let alone a mama to be!

    Awesome! We got married October 5 and knew that I was ovulating on the honeymoon. I really didn't expect to get pregnancy but here we are. In the same boat as you!glad some one else is right there with us.
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  • First time mommy here too! With very few symptoms I don't think it has completely sunk in. But I was reminded this morning when I woke up with achy sore nipples haha. I think after my first prenatal appointment things will feel more real. It all just seems to good to be true.
  • Like many of you I haven't had a lot of symptoms yet, so it hasn't sunk in for me. I hate to say I'm looking forward to some nausea but I think it'll be a bit of a comfort. So glad to be sharing this experience with so many other new mamas!
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  • This will be my first and it will be his second (I'm 28, he is 37). Right now I am vacillating between it not feeling real and being nervous/panicking, sometimes both. He is taking it much better than me, but he has been through it before :)

    I am having no symptoms aside from dull but persistent achy-like cramps - no blood thankfully.

  • This is my first child but my husbands 2nd...hasn't sunk in yet but I hope soon it does :) we are thrilled and going for official blood work this week!!
  • First time here too!  It does not feel real at all.  I have my first appointment tomorrow (I think I'll be 6 weeks) so I am hoping that it will start to sink in then.  I am like many of you, no symptoms other than incredibly sore boobs.  
  • I'm a first time Mommy and I'm so excited ! But nervous at the same time too. The physical symptoms of exhaustion , swollen breasts, and cramps have made it real. I want to tell everyone, but we're waiting until the second trimester to be safe. I can't wait to tell everyone!
  • I'm a first timer i always think i might b pregnant but this time when I took the test sure enough and still no period almost two weeks later so I'm going u the health clinic Tuesday im kinda young and not planned so hoping to get a lil help bc i def dont make enough with my job
  • Wow reading all these makes me feel weird I've already thrown up once and always feeling aches and neausea I've even got some belly coming i think it is just bloating but it could b multiples hoping for anything healthy really
  • First time here too. Doesn't feel real to me yet! I have tender breasts, but no nausea. I've had a few days that I feel really tired after work. Maybe if will feel real after the first ultrasound.
  • I think so i have an appt Tuesday with the health clinic im only twenty and my bf and i weren't expecting to b expecting so we have no money saved up for this and def dont make enough to pay all the medical bills but i will try y best to make more money and give this baby everything
  • just FYI, this is my second and I never really had any early symptoms - no m/s, no nausea, etc etc. And I ended up with a healthy little boy. So just because you don't have symptoms doesn't mean that things aren't going just as they should! Once you have your U/S and you start showing, it will feel even more real. Bit by bit! (and of course those first kicks - oh those first kicks!)

  • First time and very happy! Tired, bloated and a husband that is already super protective - but otherwise no signs yet. Don't think it will sink in until first ultrasound. Dying to tell my family and best friend, but waiting until Christmas to be safe. I think this forum will help lots!
  • Is slowly sinking in. Had a good 3rd beta today :) my RE probably thinks I'm a nutjob with how nervous I am!

  • This is my first child.  I think Im still in shock.  
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