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Chlorine allergy? Pics included

My DS is allergic to wheat, eggs, peanuts, choc, vanilla and coconut. He is 15 months and we have the food thing handled, his skin was looking wonderful, until Sunday night. Saturday we went to an indoor pool party and now, three days later we are back to square one with his feet, ankles, and creases. He hasn't looked this bad since July. The last time when we went in a pool. Any suggestions? We have all his creams and antihistamines. Included one without skin issues of my beautiful boy.

Re: Chlorine allergy? Pics included

  • I actually think DD has a sensitivity to chlorine as well---her eczema is HORRIBLE during the summer with the pool, sunscreen and swimming. 

    However she is a fish--and absolutely LOVES the water, so I really hope she outgrows it. 

    :( I just used her cortisone cream along with lotions. 

    When we did go swimming, I would rinse her off immediately---that seemed to help a bit. 
    My daughter is my hero.
  • DD1's eczema is worse in the summer, too, and I think she's sensitive to chlorine. Our water company does a "chlorine flush" in April and May and this year I had to install a filter on our shower because she kept breaking out in hives. Our allergist said it might help to try a barrier like aquafor. She doesn't get hives from the pool, but her eczema gets really bad if we go more than once a week.
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  • Thank you ladies! It got much worse, but hopefully will subside soon.
  • We had a similar problem this summer. Not as bad as this, but all over his face and his eyes were really bad.
    As if food allergies weren't enough!
    The day you were born was the best day of my life!
    So in love...again!
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