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What formula do you use? and why? where to find cheaper?

Re: What formula do you use? and why? where to find cheaper?

  • We use Target Up and Up, the Similac Advance version. I was BF'ng in the beginning but wasn't producing enough so we had to supplement. We had a Target gift card and DH came home with this brand. TBH, I didn't do much research on formula as I fully intended to BF. I dried up and LO took to this brand really well and have been using it since.

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  • DS is on the SAMs club brand of Enfamil gentlease. We started with Enfamil newborn and it wasn't good on his tummy, switched to Enfamil gentlease and he did really well with it. When he started daycare we found out they provide formula but used the SAMs club version of the gentlease so we switched to that. It is also significantly cheaper

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    I only visit TB website sporadically and haven't posted since giving birth so I apologize for lurking...

    Our boy spent the first 12 hours after the c-section in the NICU due to his size (born 10 lbs, 15 oz) and needing to be monitored for some wheezing (fluid in his lungs) and low blood pressure.  As such, they started him on Similac Advanced.  Throughout the week in the hospital we used that in conjunction with breastfeeding but I didn't like the way he behaved after Similac - he was completely wired: eyes wide open, mouth hanging open, staring without blinking.  It was like he was a zombie!  

    So when we got home we tried Gerber Gentle as we had a free sample and it's nutritional label says it's closer to breast milk.  He did great with that but during week 4 we decided to try Gerber Soothe to see if that would lessen his gassiness.  It made it worse actually so we have been back on the Gentle stuff and it's been a good fit for our DS (who's just a gassy kid!). We buy it at Target in the larger tub - it's cheaper there than the supermarket (especially with all the coupons they send us).  

    *We only use formula as a supplement to breastfeeding.  Our DS eats formula to cap off breastfeeding sessions (when he needs to) so he eats about about 8-10oz of formula every 24 hours.  And it looks like he's doing well - at 6 weeks, he's 24" and 13 lbs 1 oz!  :D

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  • Similac advanced. Costco sells them in bulk and a little cheaper. We also stock up on coupons.
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  • Similac Isomil (Soy-based formula).  Only thing DS has been able to drink that he doesn't immediately puke up (5th formula we tried).  He only gets 1 bottle (2-4 oz) a day right now and the rest of the time takes BM.  We're trying to slowly build him up with the formula since he has a sensitive tummy.
  • I don't know hy people are explaining themselves for formula feeding. I use walmarts version of Enfamil Gentle Ease. I actually like it better than the name brand and it's much cheaper.
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  • Babies r us gentle. 16.99 a tub and they often have coupons. It's comparable to enfamil gentle. I also don't know why ppl explain formula feeding. It's not poison!

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  • Not sure if you mean me but personally I wasn't trying to defend my choices for formula feeding.  I was just supplying extra information about how we use our brand - that is, that we don't exclusively use it all day long but rather just as a supplement.  
  • Adrd47 said:
    We use enfamil newborn. We started using it bc we had a sample. We tried using the Walmart version of it but it made him super constipated. It runs about $25 per tub. But, instead of buying more tubs, we buy refills (2 cost $35). And to keep the cost low, I'm always on the hunt for coupons and sales. ETA: When he switches to enfamil infant around 3 months, we'll start buying at BJ's in bulk. They accept manufacturers coupons as well as any they produce. They just don't carry the newborn line.
    Where do you buy refills?

  • We use Gerber Protect. But we get it by the case at discount because my FIL works at Nestles. If he didn't I would probably go with the target brand. We buy generic for most things including medicines so I would probably with formula as well.
  • pb&jojo said:
    I don't know hy people are explaining themselves for formula feeding. I use walmarts version of Enfamil Gentle Ease. I actually like it better than the name brand and it's much cheaper.
    TBH, it's become partly bad habit/partly mommy guilt, especially coming from a family of breastfeeders. It sucks, but I catch myself always explaining why I FF. I'm trying to get over it. :/

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  • We use similac advanced for our fourteen month old. We are keeping on formula until 2 years. Our youngest is on milk sensitive similac formula. She is eight months and is adopted. I get my formula through Costco.
  • We use target brand generic for similac gentle.
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  • We use the Target brand most similar to Enfamil's Gentle Ease.

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  • We use mom to mom brand sensitive ( safeway) similar to similac sensitive . It's $14.99 a can where as similac is 25.99 a can. Next to Walmart which is the same price it's the cheapest in our area . I have never seen a can of formula for $8 .
  • I use the similac supplement for nursing moms in liquid. I feed lo about 4oz a day and bf the rest of the day. We tried the powder version and she has vomited the 2x we did so we are stuck using the liquid.
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