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Hardest week

What do you think has been your toughest week so far? Right now it feels like this one (5 week old baby) but that's probably because I'm so tired right now. Baby's stomach seems to be extra sensitive too. My 2 year old isn't sleeping well and my hubby is out of town...sigh. Can't wait to sleep through the night!

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  • For me definitely week 1 is the hardest. Being physically and emotionally tired, healing from delivery, learning to breastfeed, and trying to adjust to a whole new routine is a lot to take in all at once.
  • I would say 6 weeks was the hardest for us. My LO isn't a fussy baby but that week he fussed non stop. It was extremely hard to get him to settle down, sleep and even eat at times.
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  • Week 2 was definitely the hardest. I was sleep deprived, suffered postpartum anxiety, had mommy guilt of stopping breastfeeding, and just couldn't grasp the major life change of having a baby. Oh the joys of being a FTM!

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  • I think week two was the hardest so far. My husband went back to work and I was left alone to adjust to having two under two all day!
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  • Week 2 was the most difficult, definitely! I was so sore, no sleep and I didn't know he was so hungry because my body wasn't producing enough milk. :(
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  • When LO was about 3 weeks old DH went out of town for a week. I had to juggle the new born and get my other two ready for school, lunches, etc...then getting DD all her clothes/bags for cheer, basketball. Then carpool was a nightmare! Seemed to fall RIGHT when LO needed to eat. Had to go back and forth to school several times a day because dismissal and practices were all at different times.

    definitely a circus! So elated to have him back in town. I have a newfound respect for single mothers. Bless their hearts it is so hard not having someone to tag team with.

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  • I guess the first week was hardest for us. My dd had jaundice and was losing weight so we had Dr.'s appointments about everyday. I also had a c section so I was recovering from that and the car rides were no fun at all. Add in a birthday party for my now 2 year old and it was a crazy week. Much calmer now.
  • Week 1-2 for sure was hardest for me. It was when reality set in and hubby went back to work. It was all uphill form there!
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  • The first week for sure! Now we are getting into the swing of things! But after reading this post I am getting nervous for the 6 week mark!
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  • Week 3 for me. I had a cold, baby had a growth spurt, I was crying from exhaustion and no one seemed to understand! Oh, and DH went back to work that week so I was stressed out!
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  • The past 2 months are so jumbled together that I can't even answer this question.

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  • Week one was the hardest for sure. I was exhausted, and coming down from the beautiful bubble we lived in while we were in the hospital. My husband had a hard time adjusting with the crying that week, and I felt awful recovering from my C section. 

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  • kdjudd said:

    I think week two was the hardest so far. My husband went back to work and I was left alone to adjust to having two under two all day!

    This is my week right now! We're in week 3.

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  • Week one so far. Half of it was in the hospital. Even though I had a vaginal delivery, I had a really tough recovery. Plus I was super exhausted because I was in labor for 2 nights and had barely slept. Then I couldn't sleep much in the hospital either. Dd also didn't latch at first so I had to pump a ton which sucked. We're in week 5 though so I'm expecting it to get really hard again soon.
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  • This week has been the hardest. LO is 5w5d. He is going through his 6 week growth spurt now and it's not only thrown off his nights and days, but he has the period of PURPLE crying every night now.
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  • Week 2 this time. We had just moved into our new house the day we came home from the hospital. So my toddler was adjusting to the house, the baby and no longer living with his grandparents (for 3 weeks). Plus I was adjusting to the house, the baby, the hormones, breast feeding and not being able to do much because of the c/s.
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  • The past 2 months are so jumbled together that I can't even answer this question.

  • Week 1 was really hard bc we were in the NICU, and then week 3 has been hard bc we've been adjusting to not having my parents around and DH went back to work. I'm now going to live in fear of week 6 since that'll hit right around thanksgiving, and my in-laws will be in town to visit. As if that isn't stressful enough...
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