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Just wondering if any of you used a chiropractor throughout your pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy and I am having the typical hip and lower back pain but also very intense rib pain. My SIL suggested a chiropractor. I went for the first time tonight and it sure felt good and was relaxing. He said I was very tight and am going back in a week (he wanted me to come back tomorrow!). I did find it odd that he had me lay on my stomach the whole time which was kind of uncomfortable! Just wondering if any of you have experience going throughout your pregnancy, what your experience was like, and if it was beneficial for you.
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Re: Chiropractor

  • i've been seeing a chiro for over 20 years and have only gone a few times during pregnancy, but it was helpful.  she has a special table that allows me to lay on my stomach but the table gives a little so there is no pressure on my belly.  

    i'm going for a prenatal massage next week because my hip pain is really bad, so hoping the massage and chiropractic will make me feel better! 
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  • The chiropractor was a life saver for me during my pregnancy, specifically for the terrible pain I was having just under my ribs from 20-32 weeks. I couldn't have continued working if it wasn't for him. It took a few weeks for things to get better, but then they improved significantly. Initially I was going in twice a week and then once a week once the pain had improved. He had a ton of experience with pregnant women and most of what he did was myofascial release rather than traditional adjusting. He never had me lie on my tummy though- always my side or my back.

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  • I started to see a chiropractor at 30 weeks with my twins to help manage mid-back pain and to try to convince the babies to flip to vertex (which didn't happen, sadly). She was a total lifesaver, and I still see her now at 12 months postpartum. Your chiropractor's table should be able to be adjusted so that your belly hangs down into it, instead of being flat against it. I would ask him if that's a possibility. As your belly grows you won't be able to lay like that without the table adjusting.
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  • I have seen my chiropractors (husband and wife team) for 8 years.  When I got pregnant I discussed concerns with them and they both assured me that they'd do nothing to cause harm to the babies.  They do have one of those tables that "break away" for pregnant women so that helps.  They are careful to not push on my lower back, only on my upper back, above where the babies are.  When my lower back is out of place I lay on my side and they twist on my leg, kind of like a motorcycle kick-start motion.  (it's weird, I can't describe it better)  If it gets too uncomfortable to lay on my stomach I'm going to tell them, I'm sure they can still do adjustments.  Without them I think I'd be stuck in bed, they have helped so very much! 

    Don't be afraid to discuss any concerns you have with your chiropractor.  They should listen and be accommodating to you if at all possible.  :)


  • jezebel57  prenatal massage sounds so nice right about now! :)

    lc&jw I am so glad to hear I am not the only one who is/did experience horrible rib pain! Mine started a few weeks ago (about 19-20 weeks) and I thought it would be the end of me! I have also told my husband if nothing helps it, I won't be able to continue to do my job! I am glad to know that things got better for you! That makes me very hopeful! I am going again next week and at this point would like to stay once a week to try to save my sick days to pay for some of my maternity leave!

    shaunah816 You are correct..... very soon I won't be able to lay on my stomach on the flat table. I will definitely be asking about an alternative.

    JoDoc There was no pushing on my lower back, just the upper back. And he did the motorcycle kick start motion as you called it! :) I totally understand what you are talking about. I am glad to hear of your positive experience also!



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  • I went for the same reason and it really helped. I was still pretty uncomfortable but it helped relieve some of the unbearable rib pain.

    Awesome! I'm glad to hear it!!
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