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Audrey is just over 9 weeks old. She gives us about 2 five hour stretches between feedings at night (yay) but she is still in our room in her rnp. I want to get her into her room as I'm going back to work in a few weeks but she refuses to lay flat on her back since day 1 (hence the rnp and not bassinet). We tried the bassinet and get about 30mins of sleep. Even during the day I try to put her in her in her pnp or crib for naps and she just won't have it. I really need her to learn how to sleep in her crib! Anyone else have this problem and have advice? If not I'm open to ideas!

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  • When I transitioned dd1 I used the baby Merlin magic sleep suit but it's fod 3 mo and older and 12+ lbs. she was in my room in the rnp until 5 months.

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    DD1 was also in the rnp, in our room, till about 5 months. After the 5 month mark we started to notice that she wanted to stretch out more and slowly transitioned her to her cradle before going straight to her crib (we have a rather large cradle so she had plenty of room still). After a few nights in the cradle in our room, we moved it to her room. She did great during this transition and by 8 months we moved her to her crib. We really just went off her cues as to when she was ready for each transition. When we attempted to move her out of the rnp and in to the cradle sooner, she basically freaked out and wouldn't sleep or settle down.

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  • There is a crib wedge you can get to make the crib mattress me inclined?
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  • Put her down in the crib while she is awake and happy during the day every now and then. I have been doing that for my LO and I just got 6 hours of sleep! 

  • Have you tried swaddling? My LO was only happy sleeping in her swing and I was ready to switch tho the crib. I swaddled her for a weeks and she did well. Now she is breaking out of the swaddle so we switched to the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit and she seems to really like it.

  • As weird as it is, our LO falls asleep in her carseat which we put in her crib. She likes the incline plus she is snuggled in with her blankets.
  • You're getting sleep, why mess with it. Wait until you're back to work for a little while (like 2 weeks) and start trying. It's so hard going back to work (emotionally and physically) that you'll want to get as much sleep as you can.
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