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Christmas gifts

I have family asking for gift ideas for my son. I have no idea what to tell them. Not even sure how to predict what size clothes he will be in. Ay suggestions? What is on your LO's wish list? Any cool toys out there worth the money that will grow with the child? Also, I was thinking I should get gifts for my son's daycare teachers. Ay ideas other than 5 dollar gift cards?

Re: Christmas gifts

  • I have the same question.  I don't want a ton of toys that make noise and just take up space so I don't know what to tell my family.  Books, clothes...I think I'm going to make an Amazon wish list to make it easy for people if they ask for suggestions.

    As for the teacher gift, I was a teacher and a gift card was my favorite thing to get. Even if it's just $5 to dunkin donuts or something.  Teacher get a lot of candles and mugs and you can only have so many of those things!
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  • I am telling relatives that DD doesn't really need anything.  If they want to do something, clothes (9 m for winter), board books or bath toys.  I don't need or want more plastic toys around here! 

    That PBK chair is great.  We gave it to DS for his first birthday.  He (age 4.5) still loves it.
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  • I agree, gift cards are the best for teachers!
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