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Blood in urine... UPDATE

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First of all, I'm writing this as I'm waiting for my OB to call me back.

This morning when I went to the bathroom I noticed my urine was very red tinged... Which is always unsettling. I double checked specific areas and I don't think it came from my vagina so I'm thinking UTI... Even tho peeing wasn't painful...

I'm trying to not overthink or panic...

Ok as I was typing this up they called me back and I'm going to get checked out! I'll feel better to know for sure what's going on.


I saw my OB, when they asked for a urine sample only blood and a clot came out. It was hard to keep calm!
She did a pelvic exam and an ultrasound, the baby is fine, the blood and clot came from my bladder. The ultrasound showed a mass of some kind so now I'm sitting in the office at the urologist office waiting to be seen so we can get to the bottom of this!

On a happy note I did get to find out the gender... We are having another sweet boy! :)

So now I'm trying to just keep calm... Anytime you have a "mass" that is unsettling! T&P appreciated!!

I will note that my aunt had this a few years ago and she had cysts in her bladder (non-cancerous) so I'm praying that's all this is!

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Re: Blood in urine... UPDATE

  • Hopefully its just an annoying UTI. Good thoughts to you!
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  • I had this and it was a bladder infection/uti
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  • Good luck!  Hope everything turns out okay. 
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  • Good luck. I hope your OB calls back soon! Waiting is the worst. Ugh!
  • I hope it is just a UTI and they can treat it. 
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  • Try not to worry too much!
  • Good luck! I also had this and it was a UTI...keep us posted!
  • If there isn't much pain, its probably a UTI.  but if your stomach starts to hurt and you get a lot of pain in your lower back, it could be kidney stones.  (I've had both with my last pregnancy)

    Good luck!!
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  • Thank you all for your encouragement!! It means a lot!! (More updates to come... Still waiting on the urologist)

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  • yikes!! well im glad the baby is okay and hopefully its nothing too serious with your bladder!!
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  • Eija3014Eija3014 member
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    Congrats on your healthy baby boy!!! I hope you get the best news possible and start feeling better soon >:D<

    ETA: missing letter
  • More thoughts and prayers!!! Hoping its easily resolved!
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  • Glad baby is ok. Sounds like you may have bladder stones, but hopefully whatever it is isn't too serious. 
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  • Congratulations on the healthy little boy!  I really hope that whatever is causing the mass is easy to take care of.
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  • Congrats on baby boy!

    And T&P that all is okay with your bladder!

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  • Oh goodness, I hope everything works out fine! Glad baby is okay, but it's still scary to have that bleeding! Feel better and take care of yourself.
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  • Ugh!! That's awful!! I hope they are able to help you so you can have clean pee again very soon. I am so happy to know that your baby is perfectly fine!!


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  • Had the same experience and actually just went to the urologist today. Blood still in urine they did an ultrasound of my kidneys and bladder everything is fine. The dr said that sometimes it just happens and it is really common for women to have blood in our urine esp while pregnant. He said as long as nothing hurts to pee or have pains anywhere to not worry. Three hours later and a $20 copay told not to worry! Good news is the ultrasound tech let me see my baby who's active and happy:) good luck hope you get similar news!

    So, like I said. It is a mass in my bladder so I did see the urologist today and he's very limited in what he can do in his office so I'm scheduled to have surgery in the morning where they are going in with the scope and if there's any more clots they can remove them if he needs to do a biopsy he can so ... We will know more tomorrow and if and when the biopsy comes back!

    Thank you all for your thoughts and encouragement !!!

    Obviously, my biggest concern is having to be put to sleep while I'm pregnant but it turns out that the second trimester is the safest time to do that! I know God is taking care of me :) this could have happened in the middle of the night but it happened at the drs office and on the day my DH is off and could stay with DS! ( trying to stay positive) :)

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  • I'm glad they're taking such good care of you!
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  • I'm happy to hear that your baby is ok and I'm hoping you will be ok soon too.

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  • I'm glad your baby (boy!) is okay! Hopefully they get your bladder issue sorted out quickly!
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