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A/S finally done! PIP

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Today was the A/S and LO looks great, thank God.  Measuring 3 days ahead of my EDD, but tech said that's normal and I should just keep my current EDD. 

We are still Team Green, though I kept looking at the screen as the tech checked the gender.  I thought it looked like it could be boy, but what do I know (just basing it off seeing all of your PIPs!)?  Having never seen an ultrasound before, DH didn't comprehend a lot of what he was seeing so he didn't really have an opinion on the gender.  He and my mother both think girl. One friend in my office thinks girl, another thinks boy.  So it's still a 50/50 guess!

Baby was moving limbs around but didn't flip around much... head down and facing forward... so tech tried and tried to get baby to move but could never get a shot of the back of the neck to check the cervical spine.... SO, I have to go back next Tuesday and hope LO is more cooperative!  (DH didn't love when I told the tech baby was "stubborn like its father... I'm VERY cooperative!"  hahaha.  DH did smile though that LO was crossing one ankle over its other knee, which is just how DH sleeps!) 

So it was fun and I'm just happy everything looked healthy!
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Re: A/S finally done! PIP

  • So happy! I bet it's an awesome feeling when you know everything is ok w baby! At this point it's all that's matters. .. Congrats!! Ill have mine nov 9th.. Hopefully everything comes out good too!:)
  • Thank you!

    Forgot the PIP ;)
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  • Nice picture ! Congrats
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