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I had that dream again.

About a month ago I had a dream that I could take LO out and play with him, then just put him back when I was done.

I fell back asleep late this morning and woke up pissed at MH. I had a similar dream again. LO was what I image to be pretty true to size right now. He had a soft covering of dark hair and brown eyes, and was pretty itty bitty still. Oh, and he came out of my foot.

In my dream, I could sense something was wrong with him and he needed me, so somehow I managed to force him out. I held him in my arms for hours. Then MH came to wherever I was (I didn't recognize the place, and I feel like it was outdoors). He told me he was in love with somebody else, didn't even acknowledge that I was holding our son, and then he started spraying me with a hose while I was holding the baby. I freaked out about the baby getting cold and wet because he started to shake and look distant. I slipped him back in...through my foot again...so he would warm up. Then I woke up.

That one takes the cake. Anybody else?
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Re: I had that dream again.

  • My gosh @megngregk your dreams are crazy!!! I want to say this means you feel like DH is not aware enough of yours and LO's needs? haha that's my analysis anyway! 

    I definitely don't have anything that can top that, I know I've still been having pretty vivid dreams but most of the time I can't remember them.

    I do remember one from a few nights ago... my family and I were all part of this magical race that lived on earth, it was a wonderful society, then all of a sudden our leaders decided to give out pink crack-like drugs to everyone for free all the time so we would all be high all the time. I decided that my family should not get addicted like everyone else and that this would turn out to be a bad thing, so I took us to a remote cottage to detox for a weekend (although I figured it was ok to spend one day really high so I did that first). Then when we rejoined society everyone was super addicted except for us and we had to find a way to get through to everyone to stop taking the drugs. That was a very weird one for me.

  • @alinafed that is actually pretty hilarious!
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  • @megngregk what are you eating before bed!?  That sounds like the worst dream ever!
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  • @lugal623, nothing crazy! Last night I had apple sauce, an apple, and then a small peanut butter bar. Maybe too much sugar?
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  • haha that is wild!!!  Crazy girl, birthing through your feet and stuff. I'd wake up so confused if I had those dreams! My dreams involving baby are mostly me trying to run at high speeds with this ginormous belly....and it doesn't work- so I just jump really high (how that is somehow possible, who knows). 
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