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well, i did it....

i gave in to temptation and opened up the bags of halloween candy and had a few pieces.....

 I am ashamed

Re: well, i did it....

  • DH was soooooo surprised to see I bought MY fav candy for the trick or treaters ;)

  • @COgirl29 I hear ya! i came home with two bags full of snickers, twix, reese's pb cups and almond joys. Pretty much every candy I love. He just laughed and rolled his eyes! 
  • I did the same thing!!
  • I put it downstairs.  So far the laziness has not surpassed the need for the candy.  Its still early though. :)
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  • Im actually gonna go trick or treating tonight with the kids, and im looking forward to stealing, i mean asking for some of their candy!  :))
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  • I am currently sitting here with most of my lights off in the front of the house because I ate just about all of the candy I bought. Plus, I am feeling crampy and DD is refusing to put on her costume. I think we are staying in tonight.



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  • Our trick or treat may be cancelled or really low in numbers because of weather. So, I may have tons leftover.
    Charlotte Lynne ~ Jan. 23, 2014


  • I just got caught red handed by dh. I really wanted some butterfingers!



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  • This is our first year in our new house so we have no clue how many kids we'll get. So we bought two of those big boxes of 100 candy bars and a 50 pack of gummy candies. By some miracle, we have opened none of these (probably because we're both too worried about running out!) but we did say as soon as we open them to put in the bowls, they are fair game!
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  • I just bought a couple bags on lunch. Last year we hardly got any trick or treaters. I'm foreseeing the same since it's raining out.

    But I got all my favorites, so that's fine by me!
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  • Just a few pieces????  I've had a few bags!
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  • Haha we always buy what we like because you never know how many TOTs will come by our house and I will gladly not refuse leftovers of Twix, Snickers, Reese cups etc.
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  • @KristaBelieve It's definitely more than a few pieces now!!! I'm hiding the wrappers so MH won't see how much I've eaten.
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