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Feeding Woes!!! Is my baby normal??

I hope someone can help me with this issue!

I'm a FTM and my daughter is two months old now.  We are formula feeding.  She eats normally and is gaining weight at the right pace (she's getting to be a chunky little mama lol).  My problem is that she is still requiring to be fed every 2-3 hours.  She can eat about 4 oz at each feeding, but sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't.  This has become a problem especially at night where she's hungry but won't fully wake up to feed.  At that time, she usually only takes 2-2.5 oz and then completely refuses to eat anymore!  Is this normal?  Am I doing something wrong here?  Any advice on how to get her to feed better and last longer in between feedings would be great!  Thanks!

Re: Feeding Woes!!! Is my baby normal??

  • Yep, sounds normal!
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  • The only thing I would recommend is to make sure you burp before and during feedings so that LO. Otherwise sounds normal. Mine goes about 2 hours during the day and can stretch it to 4 at night.
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  • My LO is 3 months and this is still our deal, too.
  • My baby is FF and 2.5 months. She eats 5pz every 2-3 hours during the day (closer to the 2 hour mark), but she does go through the night without. She's never gone 4 hours during the daytime. Sounds normal!
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  • I think that is pretty normal. Each LO is different so it's impossible to compare. My DS is 10 weeks and eats 4-6 oz every 2-5 hours during the day and goes 5-6 hours at night. But my 3 DD were completely different. The only advise I can offer for the night situation is make sure LO is actually up and wanting to eat. My DS makes a lot of noises and grunts but he is still sleeping. We wait for an actual cry to get him. And not just one little wail (because sometimes you hear him for one second and then he'll sleep another hour). I certainly don't mean let LO carry on for 5 minutes but I guess just make sure LO is actually awake.
  • I have 8 week old twins. They were eating 4oz every 3-4 hours, and we have just this week upped it to 5oz, which has allowed us to go longer stretches at night. DS always sucks his bottle dry, DD it just depends. Certain times of the day she finishes the whole thing. She usually eats less at the MOTN feed, between 2-3oz.
  • Thanks everyone!! All the input really helped me to calm down and just ride it out with my babygirl!  I'm just a little anxious to start sleeping for more then 3 hours at a time.  I-) I-) I-)


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