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Very Gassy baby

DD farts up a storm. It's crazy how often and how smelly they are. She's been like this for 2-3 weeks now and I'm not sure if it's related to how fussy she's been recently. She's never been a very happy baby, she will go from smiles to crying in a second. Does anyone else's LO fart a lot? I'm not sure if this warrants a call to the pedi.

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Re: Very Gassy baby

  • Gripe water, bicycle her legs, lay her on her tummy. Hopefully it'll help with the gas. Does she eat from bottles? If so, try a different kind.
  • So this did start around the same time as no pooping (I think we are day 15 now of round 2). I think I'm going to call the pedi because she woken up from her naps unhappy a couple times today when I go in and can smell that she farted, but I'm still not 100% sure it's causing her distress. She is so hard to read.

    She rarely gets bottles, but thanks for the idea. And she loves it when I "dance" with her legs so I have been doing that lots.

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  • @nykkolhooks I'm assuming you are talking about the "little remedies" brand? I just looked it up and I have tried using something that has the same active ingredient, but haven't noticed a huge difference.

    @heelibrarian I know what you mean. It's also been about that long for us and I wonder if it's a combination of the gas and wakeful period giving us all the wake ups and wonder what she'd be like if she weren't so gassy.

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  • Colic calm helped us a lot! Mylicon didn't seem to help much.

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