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soy controversy

hello, DS was recently diagnosed with allergies to milk eggs and all thngs dairy.  i weaned him off the breast (so he wouldn't get any dairy protines through my breastmilk) now he is on soy formula. so in my search to find a reciepe for dairy/egg free waffles, i stummbled accross a message board talking about the horrors of giving a baby soy, and all the side effects of it.  now i am freaking out, but what are my alternatives?  do any of you know anything about this soy thing, or have any suggestions for an alternative?  thanks
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Re: soy controversy

  • There's a lot of misinformation out there about the "dangers" of soy. The only true issue I would be concerned about is that some babies who are intolerant of dairy are also intolerant of soy. I'm not sure if true allergies (rather than intolerances) work the same way.The only other alternative to regular soy formula I've heard of is hypoallergenic formulas, but those are still derived from milk or soy, just more broken down so they're easier to digest. If your LO is doing fine on soy formula, don't worry about it.
  • My son is allergic to dairy, nuts, and eggs. He was switched to soy formula at 3 months and has been consuming soy products all his life. We have had absolutely nothing bad happen. In fact, since we switched, his ear infections and sinus problems were much better. You will always find "research" that says something is harmful. I think you have to weigh your options and see what is best for your child.
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